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product description

The Xero Shoes Women's Z-Trek Sandals are lightweight packable sport sandals! Imagine your favorite sport sandal… you know the ones. They strap onto your foot, they weigh up to a pound—or more—they’re thick as a brick. Now imagine getting rid of up to 70% of the weight, and almost all of the bulk!

Imagine a sport sandal that feels like you've simply glued a protective tire tread to your foot. Your feet are free and airy, they move and bend and flex. They can grip the ground as you hike. They’re as comfortable in the water—if you're boating or fishing—as they are on land. They slide on and off in seconds, but hold securely no matter what you're doing.

product specs
  • Super-comfortable webbing
  • Adjustable Z-pattern—get the right tension across your foot, over your foot, and behind your heel
  • Bean webbing, and Ssate soles with multisSky webbing
  • 5.5mm FeelTrue® outsole protects you from unpleasant surfaces without sacrificing ground feel
  • Elegant contour surrounds your foot, but doesn’t add unnecessary support
  • Super lightweight: Women’s size 7 sandal averages just over 5oz
  • "Zero-Drop"—your heel isn’t elevated; your feet are anatomically correct
  • Rust-proof nylon hardware
  • 100% Vegan-friendly
  • Ready to wear: Just slide in your foot and go
  • Heel cup: Keeps your heel in place, helps keep out debris, and adds a splash of color