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Voltage Valet 2000 Watt Voltage Converter


Item # V20B

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product description The Voltage Valet 2000 Watt Voltage Converter is a Solid State type voltage converter. Use ONLY with 110-120 volt NON-ELECTRONIC heating appliances rated up to a maximum of 2000 watts while traveling in countries with 220-240 volt electricity. Includes the round pin European appliance plug.
product specs
  • Overload protection prevents overload conditions by automatically shutting off, protecting the converter and appliance
  • Do not use Model V20B with electronically controlled heating appliances including: Coffee Makers, Irons, Electric Blankets, Hair Straighteners, etc., that use digital timing/temperature control circuits or have Auto Start or Auto Shut-off features
  • IMPORTANT: An additional European adaptor plug, type "B" (PBC-1), is required to fit recessed sockets found in most countries in Continental Europe
  • NOTE: The V20B is not designed for continuous use and should be removed from the electrical outlet when not in use