Toysmith 4M Tin Can Cable Car Making Kit


Item # 5575

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product description Turn your room in to a cable car racetrack with the Toysmith 4M Tin Can Cable Car Making Kit. Use an empty aluminum can to construct a far-out cable car and send it back and forth using a motor, pulleys and string. Contains everything you need to make one cable car.
product specs
  • Includes: wheel support, reversing shaft, 2 cable stop halves sets, medium pulley wheel, large pulley wheel, motor housing, battery cover, large wheel lock, medium wheel spindle, motor pulley wheel, motor cover, motor, string, elastic bands, 2 side-wheel locks, 2 side-wheels, swivel joint lock, 4 terminal caps, 4 screws, can spindle, can sticker and detailed instructions
  • Features simple on/off switch
  • String requires at least 6.5ft between connection points
  • Requires (not included): 2 AAA batteries, Phillips head screwdriver, tin can
  • Ages 8 and up