Nose Dive by Harold McGee


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product description Nose Dive by Harold McGee gives the sense of smell its fair due. Taking a scientific approach, the author explores the sensory world we live in and what it means to humans. Every day, humans are taking in an overload of smells, both good and bad. Behind those smells are particles and molecules that hidden. From the traces of formaldehyde and phenol on laptop keys to the simple aroma of cut grass, these smells evoke memories and perceptions unique to each of us. This in-depth book interweaves personal experiences with biology and chemistry insights.
product specs
  • Paperback: 688 pages
  • Published by Penquin Books: October 2022
  • Dimensions: 9.1in(h) x 7in(w) x 1.7in(d)
  • Weight: 1.9lbs

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