Marie's Original Poison Ivy/Oak Soap


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product description

After years of suffering from poison oak and unable to find a cure that really worked, Marie, a medicinal herbalist for 35 years, formulated her own solution. Marie's Original Poison Ivy/Oak Soap formula, handmade on her 40 acre organic farm in Oregon, proved to be so successful that she soon began selling it to her local hardware and landscape supply stores. This 100% natural soap helps remove the oils of the poison ivy, oak and sumac plants from the skin, and speeds the healing process of these and other minor skin rashes.

product specs
  • 100% natural and triple acting
  • Sassafras root bark has a natural antihistamine action that stops the itching
  • Noni and White Willow herbs traditionally help heal swelling, pain and irritation
  • Pure natural clay and organic oat bran pull any toxins or irritants off skin to stop irritation progression
  • Ingredients: Glycerine soap, organic oat bran, pure natural clay, olive oil, infusions or essential oils of Betula lenta, Salix alba, Morina citrifolia, Sassafras albidum and Grindelia camporum
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Net weight: 2.9oz