Paladone VW Campervan Moodlight


Item # PP2956VWTX

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product description Set the mood with an icon. A phasing Paladone VW Campervan Moodlight that allows you to pick your favourite classic Campervan colour or phase through them all for a fun, alternative lighting experience. Taking inspiration from the legendary VW Campervan, this phasing moodlight is a great gift to bring the spirit of the open road home. The light is dual powered, by either USB or 2 x AA batteries. A micro USB cable is included. The light features a touch on/off function, so to switch on simply press down on the top of the light. The light will automatically begin phasing through a selection of colours. To switch from phasing mode, press down again on the light when displaying your favourite, and the light will remain on your chosen colour. Press down once again to switch the light off.

The iconic Volkswagen Campervan (or Volkswagen Bus as it was also known) was a symbol for the counter-culture lifestyle in the 1960s and 70s, and even now still represents a certain view of life for people looking to avoid the rat race and live at their own pace instead. Instantly recognizable, the vehicle is a by-word for freedom and a love of the open road. The Campervan Moodlight is an officially licensed product.