NEMO Victory Blanket 4P


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product description

The go-anywhere NEMO Victory Blanket 4P is ideal companion for so many activities, including beach days, picnics, concerts, camping, and backyards. Keep it rolled up and stashed in your trunk so you can be prepared to lounge at a moment's notice.

The soft, flannel top is padded for rock and root protection, and the waterproof bottom resists dirt, water, and sand. A stealthy Velcro stowage pocket folds underneath for covert storage of phone, keys, and snacks. Corner loops help keep the blanket anchored to the ground on blustery days. And integrated straps wrap Victory up neatly so you can stow-and-go.

The 4-person fits the Wagontop and other 4P tents for a warm, carpeted surface that makes your tent feel like a home.

product specs
  • Capacity: 4
  • Length: 90in / 229cm
  • Width: 90in / 229cm
  • Weight: 3lb 5oz / 1.5kg
  • Pack Size: 17 x 8.5in / 43 x 22in
  • Fabric/Material: Acrylic, EVA, TPU foam