Modarri Delux Rescue Pack


Item # 1107-01

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product description Modarri Delux Rescue Pack to the rescue! Thousands of possible first-responder type vehicles all in one box! Create your own rescue themed vehicle and save the day! Design your own course or scene with the included barriers and cones. This brilliant system uses retained screws that don't fall, meaning fewer parts! All car parts are interchangeable throughout the Modarri series. Keep hands busy and in control while the one of a kind finger-steering and suspension mechanics move the mind to create!
product specs
  • Mix and match car parts: S2 Black Chassis, seat, suspensions, and wheels, S1 Police Frame, S2 Police Fender, S2 Police Hood, X1 Red Chassis, seat, suspensions, and wheels, X1 Beach Patrol Frame, X1 Beach Patrol Fender, R1 Beach Patrol Hood, C1 Forest Ranger Fender, X1 Forest Ranger Hood, S1 Urban Patrol Fender, R1 Urban Patrol Hood
  • 3 Flexible Racing Barriers
  • 8 Racing cones
  • 1 Swivel-tipped Hex screwdriver for quick assembly