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Banff Mountain Film Festival Virtual Edition - Two people walking up a snowy mountain with skis on their backs



Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour - 2020/2021 Virtual Edition


Banff is back!

But like everything else of late, there have been some changes.


In 2021, we won’t be gathering together at the Paramount Theatre as in the past. Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour has gone virtual! While we’ll miss the beauty of the theatre and seeing our old friends face-to-face, this year’s Banff will be available in all of our cities, in Texas, and, in fact, anywhere you have access to streaming.


Here’s how it works:


Banff is streaming four series of films – Ruby (new!), Sapphire (new!), Amber, and Onyx


The Sapphire program features two long films and a short: Attla telling the story of ten-time world champion dogsled racer George Attla, and Piano to Zanskar, tracing the journey of Desmond O’Keefe as he delivers an upright piano from London to remote Zanskar in the Indian Himalayas.


The Ruby program offers eight films that include travel through a Siberian winter, paraglide in the Spiti Valley of the Indian Himalayas, abseil, ski and snowboard in the Alps, and explore the deep connections between bikers, the First Nations and nature.


The Amber Program offers nine films on climbing the Old Man of Hoy with an extra challenge, kayaking on Columbia’s wild river El Guayas, the sisterhood of slacklining, plus visits to Himachal Pradesh and Hokkaido, and more!  


The Onyx Program has eight films including running in the high mountain deserts of Tajikistan, fulfilling a dream of climbing El Cap, a mountain bike race in Bhutan, angling in Alaska, one-star reviews of national parks, and more! 


Each program has a ticket price of $15 and is two hours long. When you rent a single program you have three days to watch it. You can rent a bundle of Amber and Onyx or Ruby and Sapphire for $28 and will have a window of 14 days. Be sure to watch each program in a single viewing. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop and return to finish it later.


Here’s the link to make it all happen, complete with film descriptions!


So here’s your chance to bring outdoor adventure films into your home to share with those souls who have yet to experience the exhilaration of Banff!




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