HearthSong Roll With It! Giant Inflatable Colorful Wheel


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product description

The good times start to roll the instant kids spy the giant HearthSong Roll With It! Giant Inflatable Colorful Wheel. Climb inside and move it along by walking foot over foot, on all fours, or have a friend push you along. Stand outside and roll it all over the place. Lie down and roll in it, like a log down a hill—it's like being inside a rainbow! The inside diameter is 51 inches with a maximum weight 200 pounds. Features reinforced seams.

Note: Adult supervision required; not designed for commercial use. Do not use on rough terrain with rocks, sticks, roots, or gravel present. Do not use when temperatures are below 50 degrees. Do not use on ice or snow. Do not leave outside when not in use.

product specs
  • Kids climb inside and move along by walking; or, roll it from the outside
  • Bright rainbow colors
  • Features reinforced seams
  • Maximum weight: 200lb
  • Adult supervision required
  • Not designed for commercial use
  • For ages 5 and up
  • Size: Inside diameter is 51in