Hamacas Rada Matrimonial Cotton/Nylon Hammock


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product description

This is the official hang out of Whole Earth!  This Hamacas Rada Matrimonial Cotton/Nylon Hammock is available in assorted patterns and colors.  The color combination you receive will be a surprise, but they are all beautiful and fun.  This handwoven Mayan style hammock is the matrimonial size; it comfortably fits 2 adults, and is positively luxurious for 1.  The tightly spun, airy cotton of this Yucatan hammock conforms to your body providing gentle support and great stability which make it ideal for rest, relaxation and sleep.  And, like its' name suggests, it makes a unique and always-appreciated wedding gift.  Weighing in at 2.70 pounds, the Hamacas Rada hammock is very easy to transport for its size and weight and is great to travel with.  These should not be left outdoors for long stretches of time, especially in the rain - with proper care, your hammock should last for many years.  We know of some that are still going strong after fifteen years!


Make sure to add rope thimbles to reduce wear and keep your new favorite napping spot lasting for years.

product specs
    • Weight: 2.70lb
    • Length: 13.10ft
    • Weight Support: 543lb
    • Body Length: 6.60ft
    • Body Width: 4.30ft
    • Materials: the body of the hammock is handwoven from 100% cotton; the end strings are nylon for greater strength