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Fat Brain Toys OffBeat Game of Rhythm


Item # FA147-1

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product description

Can you feel (and keep) the beat? The Fat Brain Toys OffBeat Game of Rhythm gets you and your friends snapping and clapping together! Fall off-beat or do the wrong action? You're out of the round! Last player on-beat? Collect your choice of disc from the spinner, and then replace it with one from the upside-down pile.

Start the round by counting, "One, Two, Three, Four!" to establish the rhythm, then together, everyone completes the first action, and so on, around the disc in clockwise fashion. Collect six discs first to win! Your mind needs to keep up with your hands, while staying in the right sequence of sounds! This fun game is great for home or classroom.

product specs
    • A quick game of sequencing and rhythm!
    • Encourages sequencing, rhythm, memory, focus
    • Alternate game option for younger players included in the rules
    • Removable discs show you which sequence to keep
    • Disc actions: Ole!, Clap, Snap, Single Hand beat, Double Hand beat, Shh!
    • Includes hollow game board with spinner, 36 discs (6 each), instructions
    • Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age: 5 years
    • Players: 2 to 4 players