ECOlunchbox Seal Cup Trio (Set of 3)


Item # BWB-CT-1

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product description

Plastic-free and leak-proof, the ECOlunchbox Seal Cup Trio (Set of 3) is a three-piece set ideal for packing a variety of foods and keeping them separate. The containers nest, so you can pack up to a total of 5 cups of food in the morning and after you've eaten, you can compactly tote them home by nesting each container inside the other. How nifty is that? Plus, the non-toxic Seal Cup Trio makes your lunches greener and our oceans cleaner by keeping dangerous plastics out of your lunch and our oceans.

product specs
  • Tare weights are etched on the bottom of each container for use at food bars and delis that charge by food weight
  • Non-toxic silicone lid and type 304 stainless container are free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates
  • All parts are dishwasher and oven safe, not for use in the microwave
  • Steel and silicone container is lighter than glass containers and non-breakable
  • Total set capacity 40oz (5 cups)
  • Total set weight 9.6oz
  • Small container: 3 1/2in diameter x 1 7/8in tall; 7oz (7/8c) capacity; tare weight 2.1oz
  • Medium container: 4 1/8in diameter x 2 1/8in tall; 12oz (1.5c) capacity; tare weight 3.1oz
  • Large container: 4 3/4in diameter x 2 1/4in tall; 20oz (2.5c) capacity; tare weight 4.4oz
  • Made responsibly in China