1 1 <p>They say you can tell well-seasoned travelers by their <a href="/luggage-and-accessories">luggage</a>. It&rsquo;s not the wear and tear on their bags that sets them apart. It&rsquo;s the bag itself &ndash; a duffel. Beloved by travelers around the world, a duffel is a particularly versatile way to carry what you need with you wherever you go and by whatever means of transport. Its shape lends itself to packing both clothing and gear, and to fitting in odd spaces so that it can remain close at hand when you travel. It can also serve as a pillow while waiting for connections in far flung corners of the world. Duffels are also useful for shorter trips. If you&rsquo;re heading to the gym or the pool, a small or medium duffel is just the right size to carry your clothes, a towel and toiletries. Many of our duffels have water resistant coatings that won&rsquo;t be harmed by wet swimsuits, sweaty workout clothes and damp towels. If your favorite recreational activity requires more gear, choose a larger duffel to haul your sports equipment.<br /><br /> Duffels are an excellent choice for overnight or long weekend trips. Pack what you need and no more. They&rsquo;re comfortable to carry and their wide open access from the top of the bag makes it easy to find your stuff. Keeping it simple frees you up to enjoy the journey and the destination without the hassle of keeping up with multiple bags.<br /><br /> If you&rsquo;re heading out on a <a href="/campsite-accessories">camping </a>trip or other outdoor adventures, do what expeditions do: pack your gear and supplies in duffels. Designate a duffel for a particular type of gear and size it accordingly &ndash; small, medium, large or gigantic! You&rsquo;ll be organized on arrival and set up time will be shorter with all the essentials in one place.<br /><br /> Whole Earth has a great selection of duffels for use by men, women and kids. We&rsquo;ve done our research, and offer quality duffels that are made of durable materials and include thoughtful details that add to the usefulness of each bag. Our duffels are made of strong man-made fabrics, many with durable water resistant coatings, weather resistant flaps to help keep rain from leaking in, and reinforced seams. There are a variety of ways to carry your duffel. Most duffels have a handle or shoulder strap, but others include backpack straps that can be packed away or removed when not in use. Some even have wheels &ndash; a real benefit when you are transporting large, heavy duffels through airports.<br /><br /> Some duffels have interior pockets to aid in organization and others have padded bases to add an extra layer of protection from &ldquo;enthusiastic&rdquo; baggage handlers. Others have handy lash points for securing duffels to other pieces of luggage,<br /><br /> roof racks, pack animals or your preferred method of transport. For home storage, many of our duffels come with stuff sacks and a few and can be magically packed into their own interior pockets, so you can carry a bag in your bag ready for the return trip home carrying the treasures you&rsquo;ve found.<br /><br /> We have duffels in basic black and other sensible colors, or, if you prefer, vibrant colors and patterns. Some folks prefer a colorful duffel as it can be easily identified on a baggage carousel.<br /><br /> So, to summarize, at Whole Earth you&rsquo;ll find travel duffel bags in assorted sizes, that can also be used as gym duffel bags, sports duffel bags, camping duffel bags, and expedition duffel bags. If you need to carry it, there&rsquo;s a duffel for that.</p> B301C7CD-1098-36AE-190F3BE90046DF7E [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] landing-category-page-content/category-contents/duffels duffels [empty string] duffels [empty string] [empty string] 983F9244-1098-36AE-190F91207B75E78E 00000000000000000000000000000000001,756D7CF2-1098-36AE-190FB7E49A2E2255,983F9244-1098-36AE-190F91207B75E78E,B301C7CD-1098-36AE-190F3BE90046DF7E [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] duffels Page duffels
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