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Discover with Dr. Cool PRO Series Rock Tumbler



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product description

Imagine taking dull, ordinary rocks and magically transforming them into sparkling gems…now you can!

With the Discover with Dr. Cool PRO Series Rock Tumbler, kids and teens can make beautiful gemstones with ease. Just add the polishing grit, water, and unpolished stones into the machine, set it, and wait. Within a few weeks you'll have your very own gleaming, beautiful gems! It is a fantastic way for boys and girls to learn about geology and even comes with a Dr. Cool education adventure guide written by teachers. This science kit will provide hours of fascinating science fun and comes with everything they need to start exploring the exciting hobby of rock tumbling.

product specs
  • Heavy duty professional quality tumbler with long-lasting motor
  • Speed control settings
  • Automatic shutoff timer
  • Noise-reducing leak-proof rubber barrel 
  • Includes 4 types of polishing grit, jewelry fastenings, sifter, 1lb of rocks (9 types), electrial adapter
  • Semi-precious stones include amethyst, quartz, tiger’s eye, jasper, agate, and more
  • Activity booklet, adventure guide, and detailed instruction manual