What We Love About Camping Hammocks

Posted by Whole Earth | 04.16.2018

Man relaxing in purple camping hammock


Looking for the comfort of a backyard hammock that you can carry with you almost anywhere?  Whole Earth has just what you’re looking for – camping hammocks! They pack small and can be set up quickly. They’re great when you’re enjoying time with the family in the park, on the trail and find the perfect spot to relax and take a load off, or you’re camping and you don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of carrying a tent.


ENO Hammock Slap Strap hammock hanging accessory in blackCamping hammocks come in single and double sizes. A single packs up to the size of a large grapefruit and a double, to pomelo size. Made of breathable materials, they’re comfortable on hot days. Take one along on your next picnic or camping trip and add a whole new level of relaxation to your outdoor setup.


If your camping hammock will be replacing a tent, we have a selection of accessories to make your hammock camping experience even better.  Adjustable hanging straps are most helpful when Mother Nature has inconveniently placed her trees farther apart than you would wish. They’re also useful for hanging backpacks and other gear you want to keep off the ground. Insect netting that encloses your camping hammock will keep those pesky mosquitoes and other winged annoyances outside looking in. A rain tarp will keep you dry, and drip strips will foil the rain’s attempt to use your hammock straps as a watery pathway into your hammock.


ENO Twinkle LED lights in PurpleDo you need light? There are several options. One is a small lamp that can be hung or carried like a flashlight, with multiple settings including one for reading and a low light setting for ambiance. Or perhaps you prefer something more festive? Deck your hammock with a string of adjustable LED lights. We even have camping hammocks with the lights embedded along its edge.


Whole Earth has a variety of hammocks for all sorts of occasions. Our Hamacas Rada, also known as Yucatan hammocks, are colorful, large and airy, perfect for backyards or porches and even interior use. At our brick and mortar stores, you’ll find backyard hammocks, hammock stands and hammock chairs, as well as even more camping hammocks and accessories.






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