Upgrade Your Luggage and Gear for Summer Travel

Posted by Whole Earth | 05.10.2018



First step – luggage. How will you be traveling, and how much will you need to take with you? If you’re flying, you may want to use carry-on luggage to keep your bag close at hand. If so, remember that international carriers have different size requirements for carry-on bags than carriers here in the US. And if a carry-on bag is just too small, we have an assortment of larger bags to choose from that can carry even more clothing and gear.


The versatility of a convertible travel bag that can be worn as a backpack or carried like a suitcase may be exactly what you need. Or perhaps a classic duffel is the best match for your type of travel. Duffels come in a variety of sizes and configurations, some with wheels, some impervious to water, and some with the seemingly magical ability to pack themselves into their own pocket. Why is this important?  So you can pack a bag in your bag and have it ready to be deployed on the return trip home, loaded with all the treasures you’ve found on your adventures. 


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Signs of reliable luggage include the use of quality, long-lasting materials, heavy duty stitching, and zippers, handles and wheels that can withstand the wear and tear of modern travel. An important consideration is: does the manufacturer offer a warranty on their bags, and if so, what’s covered? When deciding on a piece of luggage, also look for thoughtful internal organization that aids in optimal packing. Are there separate compartments, pockets and extra padding for protection?


Second step – packing. You can take your packing to the next level using travel organizers. They come in a variety of sizes for general or very specific uses. Travel organizers can help keep your bag neat and items easy to locate. No more suitcases that look like a tossed salad from rummaging to find an elusive top or pair of socks. Organizers are also very useful for keeping damp or dirty clothing or shoes separated from the rest of the items in your bag. And what about toiletries? Whole Earth offers an assortment of tubes, cases and other TSA approved travel containers handy for carrying shampoo, creams and other necessities.

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Other useful items include adaptor plugs for foreign power outlets, luggage tags, TSA luggage locks and cables, straps to secure a second bag to your rolling luggage, and a travel laundry kit and clothes line. These last items may be a bit surprising, but rest assured they’re very useful for those who are wearing lightweight travel clothing that can be washed up and dried quickly in a hotel room.


Third step – travel time! Our travel accessories can make your trip more comfortable. You’ll find earplugs, eye shades, travel blankets and travel pillows that pack small and let you sleep during your journey, so you’ll arrive rested and ready to go at your destination.


Have questions? Our Whole Earth staff will be glad to help you find luggage and gear to make summer travel a breeze.


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