The Power of Bamboo

Posted by Whole Earth | 05.20.2021

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The Power of Bamboo


Have you experienced the power of bamboo? If you’ve tried to remove it from your yard, you know it’s tenacious. That tenacity makes it an excellent renewable resource that can be used for the creation of thread made of bamboo derived viscose. And there’s more. This thread has properties that make it an exceptional choice for blending with other fibers to create fabrics used for outdoor and exercise clothing.


The Plant

Let’s begin with the plant itself. Bamboo is a grass at home in moist tropical climates. Grown as a crop on regenerative farmland, it can sprout as much as a foot a day. When it’s harvested, only the top portion of the plant is cut, allowing it to regrow in the same place indefinitely. There’s no need to clear land for replanting and little or no need for irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers.


It’s still a stretch to imagine this giant leafy plant being turned into fabric. The process looks something like this: The soft inner layer of bamboo is mixed with a solvent to break down the fiber into bamboo viscose or regenerated bamboo. The bamboo viscose is then spun into an ultra-fine thread and blended with other materials like organic cotton, merino wool and spandex to create fabric.


Its Powers

And what about those special qualities that make bamboo derived fabrics so good for outdoor and exercise clothing? They are breathable, odor resistant and provide natural sun protection with UPF ratings of up to 50+. And they do this without any chemicals. Many synthetic fabrics are odor resistant and offer sun protection only after being treated with chemicals during the manufacturing process. Bamboo derived fabric keeps these chemicals out of the environment and off your skin.


Here are a few of our favorite pieces from Free Fly and tasc made with bamboo derived fabrics that you’ll find in our stores and online.


Free Fly Women's Flex Dress

Free Fly Women's Flex DressWe’ve talked a lot about the benefits of clothing made with bamboo derived fabric blends for outdoor activities and exercise. But let’s start with the Free Fly Flex Dress that highlights the good looks of a dress made with this type of fabric. The material is a blend of viscose derived from bamboo, polyester and spandex that gives added comfort and motion to the fabric. This flattering style has a fitted top that flows into a gentle a-line shape that drapes beautifully. This may be your go-to summer dress. It’s cool and comfortable for everyday wear or a party!



Free Fly Women's Highline Tank

Free Fly Women's Highline TankA tank is a classic piece of clothing for summer wear whether exercising, having fun outdoors or partnering it for the office with pants, or a skirt and a jacket. The Highline Tank has a high neckline and good underarm coverage, is comfortable and offers excellent freedom of movement as well as breathability. The rounded hem has a soft drape for a polished look no matter where you are or what you may be doing. Stay cool in the summer heat with this airy tank!



tasc Men's Carrollton Shorts

tasc Men's Carrollton ShortsCarrollton Shorts are tasc’s take on old style gym shorts. Made of a blend of viscose derived from bamboo and organic cotton with a touch of spandex for a bit of stretch, these relaxed fit shorts were made for exercise, lounging and even bedtime. The elastic waistband has an exterior drawstring and there are mesh side pockets. If the time has come to replace your worn out exercise or bedtime shorts, try the soft comfortable Carrollton.




tasc Men's Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt

tasc Men's Carrollton Fitness T-ShirtThis is the first shirt tasc ever made and it remains very popular. Why? The comfort of the no top seam shoulders combined with the softness of the viscose derived from bamboo, organic cotton and elastane blend fabric is one factor. The Fitness T-Shirt also offers performance features like odor resistance and UPF 50+ sun protection. The fabric moves with you without losing its shape when worn or when washed. The Carrollton Fitness T-shirt may become your new favorite t-shirt for exercise and for everyday wear.



tasc Men's Carrollton Long Sleeve Shirt

tasc Men's Carrollton Long Sleeve Shirt

Looking for a long sleeve t-shirt for cooler weather or for outdoor activities where a UPF 50+ protection is important? The Carrollton Long Sleeve t-shirt may be just what you’re looking for. If you’re fishing, spending time on the boat, hiking, or doing any activity that keeps you in full sun, consider the benefits of a long sleeve shirt that breathes and offers sun protection. The blend of viscose derived from bamboo and organic cotton with a touch of lycra is soft and comfortable for summer or winter wear. And it has the tasc no top seam shoulders!



Thanks to its creation from a sustainable resource, we suspect there will be more bamboo viscose blends found in clothing in the years to come. If you like performance clothing that has a greatly reduced impact on the planet, look for viscose derived from bamboo on the content label!






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