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Posted by Whole Earth | 05.31.2019

Woman packing a suitcase in a hotel room.


You’ve been patiently counting the days until you’re off on a summer adventure. Now it’s just around the corner. Are you ready? Your destination is calling. Your tickets and reservations are in hand, and it’ll soon be time to pack. What will you be carrying on your travels? If you’re a travel pro, you’ve got the proper clothing and shoes, the right size bag to pack them in, and a few, well-chosen travel accessories so you can arrive at your destination ready to go. If you’re a travel pro-in-training, let Whole Earth Provision Co. help you gear up for your journey.


Let’s start with clothing. Be sure to check the average temperatures for your destination during your stay so you’ll arrive with the right type of clothing for the weather conditions. Next, remember that you want to carry as light a load as possible. Clothing made for travel includes shirts, shorts, pants, jackets and more that are usually lightweight and include special features like extra pockets and sun protection. Travel clothing is also quick-drying. You can wash it out in a sink and hang it up to dry for wearing the next day. This allows you to carry far fewer items of clothing which can significantly lighten your luggage.


What about shoes? No matter whether you’ll be hiking, exploring old world cities, or just chilling near the water, you want your shoes to be comfortable and up to the challenge. You may be walking rugged trails, cobblestone streets, miles of galleries in major museums, or frolicking in rocky creeks. At Whole Earth we can help you match shoes or sandals to your planned activities, so you won’t be sidelined with aching feet or shoes that fall apart under the strain.  


The time to pack approaches. What sort of bag will you use? The first consideration is size. Do you prefer to check your bag or carry it on and stow it in an overhead bin? There are size limits on carry-on bags which vary around the world. Check with your airline to be sure your bag qualifies. Many bags come with wheels and handles for easy transport from place to place. But sometimes conditions on the ground are rough, and it makes better sense to carry your bag by a handle or with shoulder straps.


The interiors of many suitcases have been thoughtfully divided into compartments for various types of clothing or gear. Other bags like duffels or backpacks are open spaces ready to be utilized as you will. Travel organizers can be very useful for both kinds of bags. These zippered packets in assorted sizes can be used for specific types of clothing or outfits and can be neatly stacked within the bag. Instead of jumbled mess and rumpled clothing, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for, carefully folded or rolled and ready to wear. Packets can also be used to keep wet or dirty clothing or shoes from spoiling your clean clothes. And if you’re planning to bring gifts or treasures back home from your travels, include a duffel that packs small in your bag for use on the return trip home.


Some travel accessories you might want to consider are TSA approved travel locks, USB adaptors for phones and converters for other electrical devices. Other useful items include straps for securing backpacks onto your luggage, zipper pulls to make it easier to open and close your bags, and pack covers for rainy weather or sending your backpack to travel in the cargo hold. And if you’re facing a long flight or train trip, you may want to consider packing a travel pillow or neck cushion. They pack small and when used with a soft eyeshade and a travel blanket, you can get some rest and arrive at your destination refreshed. 


At Whole Earth, we love to travel. If you’ve got questions about clothing, shoes, travel bags and accessories, please ask us. We’ll help you find the right gear for your trip.



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