Summer Sun Protection Essentials

Posted by Whole Earth | 05.10.2018


Summer Sun Protection Essentials


Deep within each of us lies a Sun worshiper. We love basking in the warmth of summer sunshine, especially with an accompaniment of water music and whispering winds. But, alas, we’ve also learned how damaging the sun’s rays can be to our skin. Is it possible to bask and be protected at the same time? The answer is Yes! Using special sun protection clothing and gear, we can greatly reduce the dangers associated with fun in the sun.


Thinksport Sunscreen SPF 50+ - 6ozSunscreen is considered the first line of defense against the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Look for broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens that protect against sunburn and damage to skin cells that can lead to a scary diagnosis from your dermatologist. Look for the sun protection factor or SPF on the label. SPF 30 blocks 97% of the damaging UVB rays and SPC 50, 98%, IF, and this is a very big if, you apply the correct amount of sunscreen and reapply on the recommended schedule. Is your sunscreen waterproof? Will it need to be reapplied after swimming or a heavy, sweat-inducing workout? When in doubt, check the label. And if you’re at the coast, be sure to use a coral safe sunscreen!


ExOfficio Men's Air Strip Long Sleeve ShirtAnother way to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the Sun is wearing protective clothing. Some fabrics offer natural sunblock. Dark colored denim and heavy cottons in long sleeved shirts and long pants protect but can be very uncomfortable in hot weather. Today it’s possible to find comfortable, lightweight UV protective clothing made for outdoor living. The fabrics are pre-treated with UV inhibitors and are rated on an Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF scale. Clothing with a UPF rating of 25 to 39 blocks 96 to 97.4% of ultraviolet radiation. Clothing with a UPF rating of 40 to 50+ blocks 97.5 to 98+% of UV. Again, the shirts are long-sleeve and the pants long, but they’re much cooler to wear in hot weather. UV protective clothing is a favorite with fisherman and other folks who spend hours on the water. It’s also loved by travelers. These lightweight pants and shirts pack small, are easily washed and dried overnight, and offer protection during hours of sightseeing.


Patagonia Forge HatOne of our Whole Earth buyers likes to describe a sun hat as a shade tree you can wear. Wide brims shade your eyes and face and can help you feel cooler on a sunny day. Our hats are made in a variety of materials including woven palm leaves, raffia straw, nylon and polyester. Many have a ventilated crown for extra cooling and most have an UPF rating of 50+. Some hats have neck capes which offer extra protection to the neck, and others float if they should suddenly find themselves in the water and need rescuing. Many of our sun hats are packable, ready for adventure when you reach your destination.



Woman in large straw hat with aviator sunglasses and a bandana.Wearing sunglasses is more than a fashion statement. Summer light can be dazzling, especially when it’s reflected off water. Quality sunglasses offer the best protection for your eyes. At Whole Earth you’ll find sunglasses from Smith, Costa, Suncloud and Zeal that offer 100% protection from UV rays. These quality sunglasses reduce glare and offer superior clarity, definition and color with a variety of lens technologies, tints and coatings. Large sunglasses can protect your eyes and a portion of your face. Wraparound frames can give added protection for your eyes by blocking light and particulate matter entering in from the sides. Your eyes are too important to skimp on sunglasses. There are substantive differences between convenience store sunglasses and the quality sunglasses you’ll find at Whole Earth.



Find your sun protection at Whole Earth! We have sunscreen, sun protective clothing, sun hats and sunglasses!





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