Stay Hydrated This Summer!

Posted by Whole Earth | 07.10.2020

Woman drinking water out of a white Hydroflask bottle.



Stay Hydrated This Summer!


July has come roaring in with triple digit temperatures, high humidity and a heat index that makes us want to hide at home in the air conditioning. When we do venture out, it’s with a water bottle close at hand. Becoming dehydrated is a real possibility with temperatures like these, and it can have consequences we don’t like to think about. So if we’re going to be outdoors in the heat of a Texas summer, we’re carrying water.  


Yeti Rambler BottleA refillable water bottle makes sense. Financially, bottled water purchases can add up quickly. Buy an insulated water bottle and the money you would’ve spent on bottled water can stay in your pocket. The other reason for using a refillable bottle is that our world is choking on plastic, especially plastic water bottles. They’re polluting our land and water, and even if you’re regularly putting plastic bottles in the recycling, many of those bottles are still dumped rather than recycled. There are just too many of them despite some of the ingenious ways people have developed to reuse them. So we suggest kicking the plastic bottle habit altogether with a reusable bottle.



There are lots of water bottles to choose from. We’re partial to insulated bottles which can keep a drink icy cold for hours. They come in a variety of sizes - from small bottles for kids to jugs that might take two hands to carry (in-store only). Lids come in a surprising range of sizes and configurations for both narrow and wide-mouth bottles. We’ve got lids with flip tops, screw tops, built-in straws and lids with straw holes that open or close as needed. Some bottles have handles built into the lid. And if you want to keep your hands free, try a bottle sling that you can carry over your shoulder. 


Osprey Katari HydrationHydration packs are a favorite with cyclists, runners, hikers and kayakers. A water reservoir is carried on the back in a small pack.  A tube runs between the reservoir and a bite valve that releases water when bitten so there’s no need to stop or slow down to take a drink. Some hydration packs have extra pockets for keys, sunglasses or other small items that might be indispensable while exercising.


MSR Dromlite BagSometimes we need to carry a lot of water with us. This is where we like to use high capacity water storage bags that can hold liters of water and when empty can collapse to a fraction of their original size. For car camping a tough 20 liter water cube is hard to beat, and it’s refillable unlike its evil twin at the grocery store.



And if we’re out in the heat with our four-footed companion, we’re very aware that they’re wearing a fur coat and can’t sweat. Despite the heat, they still want to join us on hikes. And even though we head out during the cooler parts of the day, we’re sure to pack a collapsible dog bowl so we can share our water with the pup.


If we’re going to be out in the heat, we carry water. Whether it’s a water bottle for a short hike or walk, a hydration pack for some serious fun, or a big water storage container for a camping trip, we’re committed to staying hydrated in summer!





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