Stay Balanced with Halfmoon

Posted by Whole Earth | 06.20.2021

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Stay Balanced with Halfmoon  


During the pandemic many people turned to yoga to strengthen their bodies, calm their minds and sharpen their focus. It proved to be a steadying influence during a time of incredible stress. Now that everyday life is returning to normal, we suspect that many of you will continue your practice. The benefits of yoga were great in a time of trial, so think what they'll be when life is not so challenging!


Whole Earth has been offering yoga gear for many years. Today we'd like to tell you a bit about Halfmoon, a Canadian company from British Columbia that crafts mats, props and cushions for yoga and meditation practice.


Beth McTavish the founder of HalfmoonIn 1983, Halfmoon founder Beth McTavish took a trip to India. While in Varanasi she saw a group of yogis practicing at the water's edge. Their deep intention, focus and stillness amid the noise, color and chaos that surrounded them, made a deep impression on McTavish. When she returned home, she began practicing Iyengar yoga. Soon she was making her own props. A red seat belt became a yoga strap. Rolls of cotton batting turned into sturdy bolsters. As yoga became more popular, McTavish saw a growing need for yoga props. So in 1989, working out of her garage and a home office, she started Halfmoon. Her respect for traditional yogic values - truth, compassion, community and kindness - has guided the company for over 30 years.


Here are a few Halfmoon products for yoga practice that you'll find at Whole Earth stores and online.


Halfmoon Deluxe Studio Mat - 6mm

Halfmoon Deluxe Studio Mat - 6mmHalfmoon's Deluxe Studio Mat is just a wee bit thicker than a regular yoga mat, but that extra bit adds a surprising level of comfort on hardwood or concrete floors. The surface of the 6mm thick mat is waffled for extra grip. Made of pvc (polyvinyl chloride), the mat is P6 free (non-toxic, no phthalates) and durable. Like most yoga mats, your new mat will have a factory coating that needs to be removed. The coating helped the mat to release easily from a mold and kept it from sticking to itself when it was first rolled up. But now, it just makes the mat slippery. So use some soap and water to wash off the coating, let it thoroughly dry, and you're good to go into downward dog.


Halfmoon Gripster Mat Towel

Halfmoon Gripster Mat TowelIf you’re practicing hot Yoga or find that your mat is getting slippery, try a yoga towel. Halfmoon's Gripster Mat Towel has silicone grips on the bottom keeping the towel securely on the mat. The wet-grip top, made of a dacron/nylon blend, is super absorbent and will also help keep you stable.   The Gripster is durable and machine washable. Halfmoon suggests that you wash it twice in warm water and hang it to dry, before using. And should you find yourself using a mat that’s not your own, you'll be thankful to have a yoga towel to put a layer between you and the borrowed mat.


Halfmoon Natural Cork Yoga Block

Halfmoon Natural Cork Yoga BlockA yoga block can be your best friend when you’re learning new asanas. If you’re not as limber as you would like to be for a pose to be effortless, the yoga block can help by offering you stable intermediate positions when you use the long, medium and finally the short side of the block as you master the asana. In effect, a yoga block brings the floor closer to you! The Halfmoon Cork Yoga Block measures 9in x 5.5in x 3.5in and is weighted for stability. Made from sustainably harvested cork, it may become your favorite yoga prop!


Halfmoon 8in Organic Cotton Loop Strap

Halfmoon 8in Organic Cotton Loop Strap

Here's another important yoga prop. A yoga strap, metaphorically speaking, extends the length of your arms. If you can't quite reach your foot or interlace your hands behind your back without sacrificing good form, use a yoga strap! Like the yoga block, it's an intermediate step on your way to mastering an asana. The Halfmoon 8in Organic Cotton Loop Strap is easy to use. The fixed loop helps you get that extra stretch, while the sturdy organic cotton strap is soft to the touch and won't slip in your hand. If it needs cleaning, hand wash in cold water and hang it up to dry.



Halfmoon Round Meditation Cushion

Halfmoon Round Meditation Cushion

If your yoga practice extends to meditation, we have several styles of Halfmoon meditation cushions. Both the round and the crescent zafus are filled with buckwheat hulls that conform to the body and offer firm support when you’re on the cushion. Buckwheat is very resilient and doesn't compress over time like other zafu stuffing materials. And thanks to the zipper, you can adjust the amount of buckwheat hulls in the cushion to suit your personal level of comfort. The cotton cover can be washed by unzipping the cover, removing the hulls, washing the cover in cold water, hanging it to dry, and then returning the hulls to the cover. The cushion also has a handle for easy carrying.


These are just a few of the items from Halfmoon that you can discover in our stores. We think you'll find them beautifully designed and helpful as your yoga practice grows and strengthens.  


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