Spring Break Travel Essentials

Posted by Whole Earth | 02.22.2019

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Spring Break Travel Essentials


Are you planning to take a trip for Spring Break this year? Are the mountains calling and you must go? Or perhaps a trip to Big Bend is in order while the weather is fine. Maybe you’re coming to Austin for South by Southwest, or there’s a beach with your name on it, just waiting for you to stretch out and bask in the sun. No matter your destination, at Whole Earth Provision Co. you’ll find items to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.


Patagonia Black Hole DuffelDo you have a lot of gear to carry with you? A duffel may be exactly what you need to transport it all. The easily accessed, wide open space within a duffel is ready to receive gear, sports equipment or other objects of assorted sizes and shapes that you may need to bring with you. Another possibility is taking a duffel that packs small in your luggage on the way to your destination. By packing a bag in your bag, you’ll have one ready to be filled with the treasures you’ve found for yourself and the gifts you’ve acquired for others when the time comes to return home. 


Pack It Shoe SacSeasoned travelers swear by Pack-It organizers. They come in assorted sizes and help to keep your suitcase or duffel from turning into an untidy conglomeration of rumpled clothing. Tame the mess. Use your Pack-Its for individual outfits, or for types of clothing. Pack-Its stack and make excellent use of available space. Protect your clean clothes from dirty shoe soles with a Shoe Sac, and prevent nightmarish spills in your bag with a Pack-It Specter On Board to keep your toiletries wrangled in a organized, water repellant case.


Eagle Creek Travel PillowIf someone else is doing the driving or you’re flying to your destination, consider arriving refreshed after a nice long nap. A travel pillow adds support for your neck and head and helps to reduce the possibility of a stiff neck. The Eagle Creek 2 in 1 Travel Pillow is a rectangular pillow that can transform into a neck pillow, letting you choose which would be more comfortable.  Another item for your travel toolkit is an eyeshade.  Lightweight and comfortable, an eye shade blocks daylight or the light in an airplane cabin, making it much easier to fall asleep.


And last of all, when traveling, don’t forget to bring your water bottle! Save your dollars (have you priced a bottle of water at an airport lately?) and save the planet by using a water refilling station rather than adding yet another plastic water bottle to mass of plastic overwhelming the Earth. Insulated bottles come in a surprising range of sizes and colors and will keep your drink warm or cold, as you prefer. 


So get ready, set, go, and enjoy your Spring Break travels with an assist from Whole Earth!



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