Smartwool Sock Collection Drive

Posted by Whole Earth | 04.13.2021

A sock drawer is ready for winnowing for worn out socks to donated to the Smartwool Sock Collection Drive



Smartwool Sock Collection Drive


Here’s something new: Smartwool wants your thinning, holey, worn out socks!


So how does it work? From April 21st through May 2nd, you can bring your clean, tired socks to your local Whole Earth store and place them in a special sock collection bin. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped the planet by keeping the socks out of the landfill, you’ll also receive a $5 Whole Earth coupon you can use in store or online. One coupon per person for the duration of the sock drive, please.


Whole Earth will also be offering a special deal on Smartwool socks – buy three pairs get one free! Indulge yourself in some beautiful Merino wool blend socks for yourself and your family. The least expensive pair of socks of the four will be free.


Smartwool, maker of socks, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and base layers, is working toward a new goal: circularity. By the year 2030, they want 100% circularity for all Smartwool products. What does that mean? No Smartwool products in landfills. Instead of throwing worn out items in the trash, Smartwool plans to recycle, refurbish, reuse or repair them.


Their first step – recycling socks.  Realizing that socks are generally not candidates for resale, they’re beginning the circularity project by keeping them out of landfills. By collecting socks, they can extend the life of the raw materials from which they were made and create a new resource stream thereby reducing their impact on the environment.


Clean socks from all makers will be accepted. What will Smartwool do with their first haul of worn out socks? A pilot program will send the socks to be shredded and used as stuffing for dog beds and cushions. Approximately 32 socks will fill a dog bed. Smartwool is hoping to make the Sock Collection Drive an annual event, so you can save up those holey, thinning, saggy socks to donate each year.


Let’s do our part for the planet and for happy, comfortable pups. Bring in your sad socks, give them a new life, and get a Whole Earth coupon!


Smartwool logo with multicolored wild-haired block figure


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