Road Trips with Kids!

Posted by Whole Earth | 04.21.2022

A Whole Earthling kid is ready for his road trip!



Road trips with Kids!


The summer holidays are coming and that may mean a family road trip. Whether it's a short hop to Enchanted Rock or the coast or there's long-distance traveling in your future, a road trip with kids can be challenging. We have years of experience traveling with kids, so we thought we would share some of our best travel tips and a few items that may make road trips easier.


If you have multiple drivers, consider driving at night so the kids can sleep. The journey will seem much shorter for the kids and less stressful for everyone.


Plan your route with rest stops in mind. Find parks or sites of interest where everyone can stretch their legs, get some fresh air and have some fun. And if tensions are rising in the back seat, pull out the phone and search for "parks near me" for an impromptu side trip to restore peace and perhaps even induce a nap.


If your kids are old enough, you can deflect the "Are we there yet?" litany by giving them a map, and letting them figure out where they are and where they're going. This may require some preparation as many people use phones rather than maps these days. But map reading is a good skill for everyone to have and so it's worth the effort to acquire a map or road atlas for your trip.


Let the kids pack their own bags with favorite toys, books and activities that are car-friendly. A backpack or a bag will keep the items corralled and close at hand. You can supplement their choices with surprises along the way.


Ideally, pack healthy snacks for nibbling between meals. Small coolers can keep drinks cold and veggies and fruits fresh. You might also consider letting kids choose a few normally forbidden snacks for the road.  



Mon Ami Seaborn Shark Plush Backpack

Mon Ami Seaborn Shark Plush BackpackHere's a fun bag for kids! The Mon Ami Seaborn Shark Plush Backpack can carry their favorite plush comfort animal, special toys and other items they deem essential for travel. At 21 inches in length, it can hold a surprising amount. The strap is adjustable and the soft Seaborn Shark can also double as a pillow.



Stephen Joseph Kids Classic Rolling Luggage

Stephen Joseph Kids Classic Rolling LuggageIf a plush shark bag isn't quite as grown-up as your child would like, consider the Stephen Joseph Kids Classic Rolling Luggage. It's carry on size and surprisingly roomy. Kids will be able to pack a good selection of their toys, books, and comfort items for travel. And if sharks are not to your child's taste, there's also a rainbow and flowers option!




The Fjallraven Totepack No. 1

The Fjallraven Totepack No. 1

And what about a tote for you? While you may not need to pack a comfort plush animal, a tote can carry items that you need to keep close at hand. We like the Fjallraven Totepack No. 1. It can substitute for your purse when traveling and has the capacity to carry maps, guides, wipes, a compact umbrella, sunscreen, and whatever extras you might need to carry. It's a good size, bigger than a regular purse but not so large as to be bulky.



YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

YETI Roadie 24 CoolerIf you're going to be on the road for an extended period of time, the YETI Roadie 24 Cooler could be an excellent choice. It's large enough to carry drinks and food. And it's shaped to fit behind a front-row seat for easy access. It's YETI tough and keeps everything cooler longer. Take it on a picnic! It's tall enough to bring bottled drinks like wine or other beverages that don't come in cans. Sorry, in-store pick-up only.



YETI Rambler Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid

YETI Rambler Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid

Not ready to invest in a YETI cooler? There could still be a YETI in your future!  The YETI Rambler Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid was made for parents on long drives with kids. It keeps your favorite hot or cold caffeine beverage at just the right temperature for miles and miles. It combines a handle and cupholder convenience, plus it's leakproof! However, don't use it with carbonated beverages!



Color Me Creative: On the Go Activity Book

Color Me Creative: On the Go Activity Book

You can help time pass more quickly for the kids if you have some activities they can do in the car. The Color Me Creative: On the Go Activity Book was made with young children three to five years of age in mind. And you'll find activities for older children as well at Whole Earth. They include the Peter Pauper Scratch & Sketch books, Mudpuppy Magnetic Kits, all sorts of sticker books, and there's even a Kid's Travel Journal for older kids.



Life is Good Kids Comfy Tee

Life is Good Kids More Peace Daisy Long Sleeve Crusher Tee

How about a new t-shirt to celebrate the beginning of the family's road trip adventure? Keep it stashed away until the day of the trip. A Life is Good Kids Tee is a good candidate. It's made of 100% cotton that's comfortable and soft on the skin. It's a great tee for creating fun memories and chances are good it will become a favorite.


So we hope that our tips for road trips with kids and our gear suggestions will help your family enjoy your time on the road. Remember, you're making memories that may last a lifetime. Have fun!



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