Resolutions for 2021

Posted by Whole Earth | 01.11.2021

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Resolutions for 2021


What a strange year we’ve been through. While most of our 2020 resolutions had fallen by the wayside in February, by summer, they had revived and were offering structure and a much needed sense of accomplishment. There were even resolutions added and achieved (!) – an unexpected benefit of working from home. Looking at 2021, we’re feeling more optimistic than in the past about our resolutions and our ability to integrate them into our daily life. 


Several years ago we looked at resolutions and what we could do to increase the likelihood for success. Briefly, the experts advised starting small and creating a new habit incrementally. For example, have you resolved to eat healthier in 2021? Start simple by resolving to add perhaps one salad a week to your diet. When that becomes a firmly established habit, add a second salad or a serving of vegetables or fruit. The point is to build up gradually. When you have transformed your diet into something that feels healthy and makes you happy, that’s the time to start on another resolution. But once again, start small and build up gradually. 


We’ve been thinking about possible resolutions for 2021 and looking at broad categories we can focus on throughout the year. They are, drumroll please, Run More, Practice More, Relax More, and Travel More. And yes, we do have faith that we will be traveling again before the year is out! So first up – Run More.


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We know that many of you are already at work on this one. We see you on our neighborhood streets and hiking trails. Well done! If you’re a runner who was sidelined by the holidays, getting back on track will hopefully be easy. If you’re new to running, there are a few things you might want to take into consideration. Again, start small. It takes time to build up to that marathon or half marathon you may be thinking about. A combination of running and walking is a good way to start. Walk a block, run a block, and gradually extend the distance and time you’re running compared to walking.  


Good running shoes are essential. They can cushion your feet and give some extra spring to your stride. The basic parts of a running shoe are the upper, insole, midsole and outsole. 


The upper covers the top of the foot, usually in a material that lets air in to help keep the foot cool and dry. You’ll find various lacing systems from traditional laces using the knot you’ve been tying since childhood to elastic laces that lock in place. The point of laces is to keep your foot securely in place to avoid sliding in the shoe and developing blisters. The toe box needs to have room for your toes to spread and grip when running. The collar that surrounds the ankle and the heel counter that cradles the heel both offer extra support and are among the factors that determine how comfortable a running shoe will be on your foot.  


Next, we take a quick look at soles. The insole is the interior of the shoe that’s in direct contact with the bottom of your foot. Most insoles can be removed, if necessary, and replaced with inserts that may offer more support for your feet. The midsole usually contains an arch support to keep your feet properly aligned and cushioning to reduce impact and add rebound. The materials used for midsoles and their configuration are often the drivers of technological innovation in running shoes. The outsole is where the shoe hits the pavement or the trail. Ideally the outsole is made of a durable material that also provides good traction and grip on slippery surfaces.


There are running shoes for different types of terrain. Some shoes are made for running on sidewalks or streets, while others are for trail running. No matter where you’re running, you’ll want running shoes that offer support, stability and comfort. Another style of running shoes harkens back to the barefoot runners of the Tarahumara in Mexico. These are minimalist or barefoot running shoes with thin soles to protect feet from sharp rocks and rough pavement but still preserve the feel of running barefoot. Whatever style of running shoe you choose, you’ll find them at Whole Earth. 


When running, we want clothing that moves with us, not binding or inhibiting motion. Some of the best running clothes are made of high tech fabrics that wick away moisture and are quick drying. They can keep us from becoming a soggy mess in summer or catching a chill in cold weather. Pockets for keys and a phone are a bonus. And don’t forget your socks. This is a time to choose performance socks that are comfortable and prevent blisters. No-show socks are popular with runners but crew socks work as well. You’re looking for socks that wick away moisture, that are snug on your foot, and perhaps have extra cushioning for comfort or fit. 


There’s gear for runners as well. If your running clothes lack pockets add a fitness belt with room for keys and a phone. If you’re running early in the morning or after sunset, be safe and be seen. A headlamp can light the way, alerting you to rough ground ahead and others to your presence on the street. Another possibility for remaining visible in low light is a LED slap wrap. 


These are just a few of the items you’ll find in our stores and online to help you Run More in 2021!



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