Posted by Whole Earth | 01.10.2018


Did you make a resolution or two for New Year’s? How’s it going? For many of us, we’re already on the downward slope to abandonment. It’s not that the goal or goals that we’ve set for ourselves or the change that we want to make isn’t worthy, but finding the time to implement the change or the willpower to stick to it seems to be in frustratingly short supply. Is there a better way? Perhaps.


Let’s start with timing. Is New Year’s really the best time to begin something new? The past six weeks have been anything but normal for most of us. We’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of travel, holiday preparations and celebrations with family and friends. Our daily schedules have been disrupted. We’re tired and the thought of hibernation sounds very tempting. While the New Year has traditionally been a time for new beginnings, perhaps our ancient ancestors were on to something when they celebrated the New Year at the Spring Equinox. It’s a time when the Earth’s energy turns to new growth after a time of rest. The return of Spring with its warmth and hope for the future, seems a much more reasonable time for making and keeping resolutions.


And what about those resolutions? Some are fairly predictable given the excesses of the past holiday season. Diet, exercise and fiscal responsibility are reasonable but what huge and amorphous goals to take on! It seems better that they should be broken down in smaller increments like eating one more salad a week, or if the gym is out of reach, exercising at home with your favorite television workout guru, or finally, cutting back on that budget-busting habit. Think smaller, focus on the weakest link, and build up slowly. Start for a week. Like the way you feel after a week? Try for two weeks or a month. Build up your resolution willpower slowly but surely. And if it’s not working for you, don’t abandon ship. Go back and look again at what you’d like to accomplish and why you suspect it didn’t work. No drama, just an honest look and assessment and then a new approach to your goal.


And remember, not all resolutions involve limitation. Love getting outdoors but it just hasn’t been happening lately? Resolve to take even a short hike every week. Miss seeing your friends, even though you’re in touch through texts? Get together with a friend for coffee or a walk each week. If it’s something you love to do, but you’re not doing it, resolve to make room for it in your New Year.


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