Pendleton – A Passion for Quality

Posted by Whole Earth | 12.03.2019

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Pendleton – A Passion for Quality


How many of today’s brands do you think your great-grandparents would recognize? Most likely, only a handful. And among the names that you would find on that very short list is Pendleton. A family owned business, Pendleton has been making classic woolen blankets and clothing for over 150 years.  Their name has become synonymous with quality and beauty that can last a lifetime.


Pendleton designs and colors are so distinctive that they are instantly recognizable. Patterns, both intricate and bold, combined with a rich color palette or vivid black and white, set them apart from the competition.  Their blanket designs have been repurposed for sweaters, socks, bags and beach towels. They’ve also been weaving handsome plaids for shirts that have been favorites of men and women for generations.


Looking for a cardigan, a pullover or a turtleneck sweater? At Whole Earth Provision Co. you’ll find Pendleton sweaters that can take center stage in your wardrobe or be the perfect piece to pull an outfit together. One of our favorites this season is the Women’s Desert Gem Wool Sweater. It’s a lambswool, nylon and merino wool blend, that’s soft, warm and supple. The classic diamond motif rests on a flecked background and looks great with jeans or dressed up with a skirt or pants.


The Men’s Somerset Button Down shirt is a classic Pendleton plaid. Cotton and wool are blended into a heathered plaid that’s comfortable at work or at play. And it’s machine washable. 


If you love iconic clothing, take a look at the Women’s Harding Archive Blanket Coat. This classic Pendleton coat has an updated fit but otherwise shares all the virtues of its predecessors: blanket weight jacquard fabric and impeccable pattern matching across seams. 


Pendleton Pagosa Springs Jumbo Bandana is a multipurpose item to keep in your bag or pack for all sorts of occasions. You can use it as a scarf or to keep your hair undercover or out of your face. It can also double as a napkin or a wash cloth when you’re far from home. And you can wrap a gift with a bandana for some extra pizzazz.


Our new favorite wedding gift is a Pendleton Beach towel. The Tuscon Towel for Two looks great on the beach or on the grass at an outdoor concert. It’s amazingly soft and absorbent, and made with the quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from Pendleton. It even comes with a nylon carrying strap.


Pendleton also makes socks embellished with its fabulous designs. Some are lightweight polyester, nylon, spandex blends like the Southern Highlands Crew Socks. Other blends include merino wool. The socks are knit for comfort and have reinforced heels and toes.


Do you like to tuck notes into your packages or drop a quick line via snail mail? Are you picky about your bookmarks or like to surround yourself with beautiful images for inspiration? If so, The Art of Pendleton Postcards will be sure to please. This boxed set includes 100 different cards featuring Pendleton designs from the past 150 years printed on high quality cardstock.


If you’re putting together your holiday gift list for very special people, we hope you’ll consider Pendleton. A gift of beauty and quality is one that will be treasured long after the New Year has begun.







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