Our Favorite Women's Shoes for Everyday

Posted by Whole Earth | 07.03.2020

Women's feet wearing Birkenstock sandals



Our Favorite Women's Shoes for Everyday


"For those who have lost track, today is blursday the fortyteenth of Maprilay" ~ El Arroyo


Yes, it’s that day, just like every other day of late. For us, the word everyday has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s not just everyday, it’s Every Day! On the bright side, our pets are thrilled to have us home, especially the pups. So many walks. And we do get to wear comfortable clothes, even at zoom meetings. Our dressy heels are resting quietly in the closet, and our feet are happy as we spend our days in our favorite comfy shoes.


Birkenstock Arizona For many women Birkenstock stands at the top of the list as their number one go-to shoes for everyday. We slip them on first thing in the morning and when day is done we slip them off to curl up on the sofa for a binge watch or a good read. The Arizona is the archetypal Birkenstock. They’ve been with us since 1973, and their popularity just keeps on growing. Are you following the seasonal dress code even if you’re marooned at home? In a pair of white Arizonas with white outsoles, we’re about as summery as you can get!


Chaco Z/1 Sandals

For women who like to be ready for anything, Chaco Z-Clouds are our first choice. They’re ready for a morning walk or hike, some gardening (homegrown tomatoes…) or a bit of yardwork. And they’re good for an early morning run to the grocery store or farmer’s market. Chacos are fearless in the face of rain, mud or pointy rocks. If they get dirty, hose them off or put them in the washing machine. Their thick but comfortable lightweight soles protect the bottom of your feet from sharp rocks, thorns that bite and other hazards that might puncture your sandals.  


Teva Universal If the high arch in Chacos doesn’t agree with you, consider a pair of Original Universal Tevas instead. These classic Tevas got their start as water shoes for rafting on the Colorado River, so they too can face water and mud with a shrug. We can hose them off, but please don’t put them in the washing machine! The soles are not as thick as Chacos but more flexible. We wear our Tevas to the creek for exploring and a quick dunk in cool water on hot summer days. And we wear them for everyday as well, especially if we’re going to be spending a lot of time standing or walking.


Olukai Pehuea LiOnce upon a time, a new pair of sneakers meant that summer had arrived. Today’s sneakers have bells and whistles we never could have imagined way back when. The OluKai Pehuea Li shoes are just what we need when we want the security of a tie shoe. Our shoes stay in place and our toes are covered. But (surprise!) the Pehuea Li easily transforms into a slide with OluKai’s Drop-in-Heel. Looks like a sneaker, plays like a slip-on! The mesh fabric breathes, the footbed is comfortable and the rubber outsoles are grippy making the Pehuea Li an excellent candidate for an everyday shoe this summer.



Daily life is truly something of a blur of late. One day seamlessly blends into another, day after day after day. If everyday is really every day, then we owe it to ourselves to make every day a good day, as best we can. And being comfortable is good place to start. 





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