Our Beach Trip Favorites

Posted by Whole Earth | 07.25.2020

A woman and child standing on the beach on a sunny day



Our Beach Trip Favorites


Been cooped up for far too long? Are you hearing the siren call of surf and sand? We are too!  Give us a big blue sky, a bright sun, a cooling breeze, the squish of sand between our toes, and the calming drone of the waves. We’ll all be more relaxed and refreshed after spending some quality time at the beach. 


When we’re packing for a beach trip, there are a few items that we always bring with us. They’re trip tested and can often be used for more than beach trips. Here’s our basic beach prep list:


Hydro Flask Unbound Cooler in teal• COOLER – We like a cooler that can travel behind the seat and be easily carried onto the beach. Cold drinks and snacks fuel our trip to the coast and once we’re out in the full sun, staying hydrated is a must.  The Hydro Flask 24 Liter Unbound Soft Cooler Tote fills the bill - lightweight, easy to carry, with room for drinks, snacks and ice. And don’t forget can insulators to keep the drinks colder longer once they’ve been liberated from the cooler. The Unbound Soft Cooler Tote is also a favorite for trips to the Farmers’ Market – no more wilted greens!



Birkenstock EVA in olive green• BEACH SHOES – It only takes one or two times hot-footing it across burning sand to realize that a pair of beach shoes is just what we need. Ideally, they’re water friendly and can be hosed down at the end of the day to wash away sand, tar and any other yucky stuff that might want to be hitching a ride home with us. Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals are thick to protect our feet from the heat and can be hosed off with no ill effects. They’re also comfy and come in sizes for both men and women. 



Kelty Sunshade• SHADE - Hours of unrelenting sun can take their toll no matter how much we love the beach. That’s why once we’ve found our spot, we pitch a Kelty Sunshade for 78 square feet of shade with seven feet of headroom at the center. The Sunshade also has a moveable wall so as the sun moves, we won’t have to. It’s easy to set up and has its own handy bag for carrying. And the tripod shape adds extra stability in wind.



Thinksport Sunscreen• SUNSCREEN – This is an absolute must-take item for the beach. The powerful summer sun can do some serious damage to our skin if we don’t protect it. We read the instructions and apply liberally on the suggested schedule. And since we’re at the beach, we’re also on the lookout for a water-resistant and a reef-friendly product like Thinksport SPF 50+. The chemicals found in some sunscreens can damage reefs so we always check to be sure. And don’t forget your sunglasses!



Pendleton Towel for Two• BEACH TOWEL – We’re not above wanting to create a little envy in our fellow beachgoers. And when we spread out our Pendleton Tucson Towel for Two, well let’s just say that it creates a stir. This spectacular towel is not only beautiful to look at, it’s also plush and luxurious. The Tuscon pattern is based on the Pima creation story where the Earth, Stars, the Sun and Moon are drawn forth from darkness - an elemental image that suits the meeting of land, ocean and sky.



Prana Sun Shirt in white• SUN PROTECTION CLOTHING – Depending on our skin type, at some point during the day we will have received our maximum daily dose of sunshine and vitamin D. But usually we’re not ready to pack up and go home. So we wear a sun protection shirt like the prAna Eileen Long Sleeve Sun Top.  It’s lightweight, breathable, quick-drying and has a SPF 50+ rating. Whole Earth has sun protection shirts for men, women and kids from some of our favorite brands. We make the fun last longer with sun protection clothing.



So if you’re heading out to the coast, consider our beach favorites as you’re planning your getaway. Good quality gear, clothing and shoes can make a difference. Enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and waves. We may see you there!




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