Our 2024 Fiesta Medal benefits Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation!

Posted by Whole Earth | 02.01.2024

A colorful design celebrating Fiesta in San Antonio and the 100th anniversary of the Quarry Smokestacks at our store



Our 2024 Fiesta Medal Benefits Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation!


In 2024, Fiesta San Antonio will be in full swing from April 18th through April 28th. It's an eleven-day celebration of history, culture, music, and food with over 100 events to enjoy. Fiesta medals are a beloved tradition in San Antonio with the first one created for the public in 1946. Today businesses and organizations across the city offer their own medals, including Whole Earth. They're worn proudly on sashes and vests and are popular with collectors who buy, sell, and swap them. Fiesta medals can also be fundraisers for groups that give back to the community.


Whole Earth's 2024 Fiesta Medal benefiting Wildlife Rescue and RehabilitationOur 2024 Fiesta Medal benefits Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, an organization that has been saving lives since 1977 - 47 years! The medal itself highlights a flowery wreath, an armadillo, and the iconic smokestacks at our Alamo Quarry Market store. We're celebrating the Quarry Smokestacks' 100 years as iconic structures in the city. This year's Fiesta medal is $25, and you'll find them exclusively at our San Antonio store. Supplies are limited so don't wait to add it to your collection! 


The proceeds of our 2024 Fiesta Medal will help sustain the work of Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation: rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing native wildlife and providing sanctuary, individualized care, and a voice for other animals in need. In 2022 alone, they cared for over 10,000 animals and responded to more than 17,000 inquiries and calls for help. WRR rescues and cares for all wildlife, including native and non-native species. They believe that all animals — rare or common, regardless of species — are deserving of care, attention, and respect.



A Bobcat - photo courtesy of WIldlife Rescue and RehabilitationWildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation began as the vision of a young woman in her mid-twenties in 1977 in San Antonio. Lynn Cuny saw that many wild animals suffered and died after encounters with humans and that many could be saved and, with help, returned to the wild. She also saw that some could not be released due to the nature of their injuries or other factors and that they could live satisfactory lives in a sanctuary. It was her vision when founding WRR to one day have a 200-acre sanctuary in the Texas Hill Country. This vision became a reality with the help, donations, and hard work of many people over the years.


WRR's respect for animals includes how they are spoken of: "Animals are intelligent, sentient individuals. We refer to them as 'he/she' or 'them/they,' or by species. The words 'it' or 'thing' are never used to refer to an animal, and 'who' is used rather than 'that.' If you do not know the gender, choose one: 'he' or 'she.' Even if your gender choice is wrong, it is more respectful than 'it.' This is an important way of demonstrating the respect we ask others to afford all animals."


A Black Bear photo courtesy of Wildlife Rescue & RehabilitationThe main Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation sanctuary and rehabilitation facilities are located about fifty miles from both San Antonio and Austin. There are six ponds, two creeks, and the Little Blanco River on the property. The topography of the land is diverse and enclosure areas were chosen according to the specific needs of the species who would live in them.


Much of the 200 acres are left in a natural state for the native species of wildlife who were living there when WRR acquired the land. They built a 5,000-square-foot Hospital & Rehabilitation Clinic, a 3,000-square-foot Nutrition Center, a brand new 2,800 square foot Vet Suite, a large maintenance building, and renovated several small buildings on the property that are now used for administration offices, animal receiving, animal enrichment, hay barns, and related needs.


Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation's rescue hotline can be reached at (830) 336-2725 and is available to provide advice and assistance for animals in need, and answer questions about wildlife. You can also visit WRR's website at for more information and resources. We hope you'll join us in supporting this outstanding organization.



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