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Posted by Whole Earth | 04.10.2020

Neighborhood Walk. Family walking on sidewalk



In these days of shelter in place, a daily walk is a gift we can give to ourselves. Getting outdoors in fresh air and sunshine opens up our horizons beyond the four walls of home and helps to keep us healthy and in good spirits. If you’ve been walking the same route every day or feel like you’ve explored your neighborhood thoroughly, we have a few ideas to let you take a second look and perhaps see something new: Daily Walk Bingo and Neighborhood Walk Scavenger Hunt. And if you’d like to add an extra level of accomplishment to your daily walk, we have a suggestion for a different way to track your miles or steps.



Bingo CardsBINGO

We had a good time scouring our neighborhoods for items you might find on a walk with your family and then setting them up as bingo cards. You can print out the cards or play them on your phones. You may be surprised at the things you’ve overlooked. And while, alas, it did not make it onto the bingo cards, be on the lookout for a T. Rex. They are lurking in more yards than you might imagine! 


Bingo Card 1

Bingo Card 2

Bingo Card 3

Bingo Card 4






Scavenger Hunt CardScavenger Hunt


Not up for bingo? Try the Neighborhood Walk Scavenger Hunt instead. No need to collect the items on the list. The postal service might frown on appropriating their trucks. Just take a photo if there are several groups playing or check it off the list if you’re going solo. And as you learn some of the less obvious but fun things to be seen in your neighborhood, make your own scavenger hunt challenges for family or friends.


Scavenger 1

Scavenger 2







Track Your Trail


Are you feeling as though you’re walking in circles? Big circles, it’s true, but circles nonetheless. Here’s a way to transform that circle, aka your daily walk. Consider walking one of our Texas long distance trails, virtually. Take a map, and using the map scale, translate your daily mileage (2000 steps = one mile) into the appropriate distance on the map. Follow your progress and celebrate at the end of your journey. You may even be inspired someday to hike the trail in person. Here are three Texas trails for your consideration.


Trail Map with tracking info on it.


The Lone Star Hiking Trail is 129 miles long and wends its way through the Sam Houston National Forest. It’s the longest continuous hiking trail in Texas. 


The Big Bend 100 is a new trail, opened in 2019. It begins at Big Bend Ranch and ends at the South Rim in Big Bend National Park. It’s a rugged trail that urges you “to be real about your abilities, don’t die.” As a virtual walk, you’re safe. 


Another favorite long distance trail in Texas is the Caprock Canyons Trailway. The trail follows an old railroad line, including a tunnel with bats. Opened in 1993, it hosts hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. 


For the Rest of Your Day!


And for those of you on the lookout for at-home activities for kids for the other 1000 hours of the day, here are a few links to materials they may find entertaining and (shhh!) educational. A tip of the hat to our publishers and partners.

Quarto Kid's create beautiful books, creative projects and useful information for kids of all ages. 


Scholastic, publishers of such classics as The Magic School Bus, I Spy, and Clifford the Big Red Dog, offers lots of printable activities for kids.


Lonely Planet, creator of guidebooks for destinations around the world, has kids’ activities.


Texas Parks & Wildlife has a series of coloring and activity books focused on wildlife, the ancient peoples of Texas, and dinosaurs.


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