Nomadix - One Towel for Every Activity and the Planet

Posted by Whole Earth | 07.08.2021

A Nomadix Banana Leaf Green Festival Blanket resting on a surfboard waiting to be unfurled on the beach



Nomadix - One Towel for Every Activity and the Planet



Zack Helminiak, Chace Petersen and Hunter Robinson took a road trip from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the southern California coast. After 17 days on the road with no showers, their minds turned, unsurprisingly, to towels. What they wanted was a lightweight travel towel that would pack small and could be used for any number of outdoor activities.


Several years after their road trip, the three friends started to work on making their dream towel a reality. They named their new company Nomadix and, in 2014, initiated a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production, touting their "Universal Towel for Yoga, Beach, Travel, Life and ECO Friendly." Supported by 730 backers their towels went into production and the rest, as they say, is history.


Sustainability has been built into Nomadix towels from the start. Each towel is made of a fabric that uses polyester thread made from certified post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, approximately 30 bottles per towel. Rather than dying threads and then weaving the designs, they've chosen to print them instead, reducing the amount of wastewater used in the process. Nomadix also participates in 1% for the Planet, where they donate 1% of their sales — not just profits — to environmental causes.


Nomadix Agua Blue Do Anything Towel used while exercisingNomadix microterry towels are absorbent, quick drying, lightweight and durable. Super absorbent, they hold four times their weight in water. They pack small for travel and for trips to the gym, pool, lake or the beach. You can store three folded Nomadix towels in the space taken up by one regular terrycloth towel. The microterry's tight weave and small loops block sand and grit from becoming embedded. On dry sand, just give the towel a good shake and it's ready for drying or packing. And if you're a practitioner of hot yoga, you'll appreciate the towel's moisture activated slip resistance.   


Nomadix towels come in several sizes, from small towels for exercise, to medium size for travel, and large size beach towels. Some towels are printed on one side, others on both.  Nomadix also makes festival blankets for outdoor events that feature a soft plush top with a water-resistant base.


 Here are a few of our favorite Nomadix towels you'll find in our stores and online.



Nomadix Agua Blue Do Anything Towel

Nomadix Agua Blue Do Anything TowelNomadix Do Anything Towels are made for grab and go to your exercise class, courtside or the sidelines, anywhere you'll need a towel to dry off from exertion or heat. The towel measures 16 by 40 inches and packs small to fit easily into your exercise or gear bag.



Nomadix Monstera Green Ultralight Towel

Nomadix Monstera Green Ultralight TowelNomadix Ultralight Towels are the perfect size for camping, backpacking and travel. Measuring 54 by 30 inches they pack down to 5 by 5 by 2 inches. Their compact size combined with their absorbency and ability to dry quickly make them an ideal towel for travel of all sorts.





Nomadix Zone Sapphire TowelNomadix Zone Sapphire Towel

A Nomadix beach towel makes a statement at the beach or by the pool. Their eye-catching designs make it easy to find your spot on the beach or poolside. The beach towel is also a good choice for hot yoga sessions where you want absorbency and slip resistance.



Nomadix Cascades Multi Festival Blanket

Nomadix Cascades Multi Festival Blanket

Festivals are back! Nomadix Festival Blankets combine the softness of a towel with its soft plush surface and protection from damp ground with its water resistant base. Secure your space for music and good times with these standout festival blankets.


So if you're looking for a travel, workout or festival towel, take a look at Nomadix. They pack small, look good and are made with sustainability in mind.



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