Nite Ize RunOff Bags

Posted by Whole Earth | 06.21.2019

Woman on beach with kids and her phone in a RunOff Waterproof pouch


In 2019, Nite Ize is celebrating 30 years of innovation with what may be their best product yet – RunOff bags. These bags are waterproof and dustproof and yet flexible enough that you can still use your smartphone while it’s protected inside the bag. RunOff bags can withstand leaks when immersed in water for 30 minutes at one meter deep.


Nite Ize RunOff PocketThe heart of the RunOff bag is its zipper. Zippers are notorious leakers. But the RunOff bag’s TRU-Zip technology, developed by Nite Ize, is a toothless, snag-proof, slide zipper that you can feel snap to a secure close. The TRU-Zip zipper feels a bit different at first try, perhaps stiffer than a regular zipper, but you’ll adjust to the feel of it quickly. The RunOff bags come in a variety of useful sizes and include one for your wallet, medium and large packing cubes, and a toiletry bag. All the bags have integrated anchor points for attaching to your belt or other items.  


The Runoff Waterproof Pocket is particularly useful for carrying your phone. The pocket protects against rain, snow or inadvertent dunking in water when you’re at the beach, fishing or messing about with boats. With the flexible, translucent front, you can use your phone while it’s safely inside the bag.


RunOff Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch is designed to adhere to the TSAs 3-1-1 Liquids Rule. It’s a one quart pouch with a gusseted stand-up base and a translucent front, making it easy to find exactly what you need. This waterproof pouch keeps liquids in and protects items in your luggage from unexpected spills and leakage. The pouch is also useful for carrying electronics and other items you want to keep dry.


The medium and large RunOff Packing Cubes are dual duty. They provide waterproof storage or keep damp messes safely contained. They can also be used as compression bags for bulky items like down jackets that you may want to carry with you when you’re traveling.


Nite Ize Run Off Toiletry BagFor RunOff bags to perform, you have to do your part. The slider has to firmly lock into the zipper end-stop. If it’s not fully closed, it won’t seal. Nite Ize suggests that you test your RunOff bags for waterproofness periodically by submerging an empty bag after sealing. If bubbles escape, the bag is no longer waterproof. They also suggest that you protect the bags from sharp objects and abrasion during use and that you inspect the bag for wear and tear before use.


Whole Earth is excited to offer Nite Ize’ RunOff products to our customers. Traveling and adventuring just got safer for your water sensitive electronics and other items you want to keep dry.



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