New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Whole Earth | 12.28.2018

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A Little Help with Your New Year’s Resolutions


As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to consider your New Year’s resolutions. The parties, abundant treats, delicious food, a few too many drinks, irregular schedules and little or no exercise may have combined to add a few pounds to your silhouette or left you with less energy than you would normally have to face the day.  Like many before you, your New Year’s resolutions may revolve around exercise and more mindful eating. Whole Earth Provision Co. is here to help with gear and information to help make those resolutions stick beyond the first week of January.


Let’s start with exercise. Three of our favorites for combating the December bulge are yoga, running and hiking.


Prana Yoga MatYoga - While the ancient yogis were able to practice without the need for extra tools, we modern day folk can benefit from a few items to help us make progress in perfecting our asanas. First up, a yoga mat. Yoga mats help to stabilize your postures by providing a firm foothold on a non-skid surface. The lightly cushioned mat also offers a bit more comfort than direct contact with a hard floor.


A yoga block can be your best friend when you’re learning certain asanas. If you’re not as limber as you need to be for a pose to be effortless, the yoga block can help by offering you stable intermediate positions on your way to full mastery.  We also have yoga clothing, yoga towels, mat bags and straps, yoga cards, books and even a page-a-day yoga calendar for inspiration.


Running is a perennial New Year’s favorite for weight loss and getting into shape. You can start slow, mixing running and walking and gradually build up to a full-fledged run. You can run alone, with the family, or run with a group. And as you become a more proficient runner, you might even train for a race or two. Combine running with a healthy diet and watch the excess weight melt away and your energy return.


You’ll want a good pair of running shoes to protect your feet and joints from the jolts that come with running on hard, rough or uneven surfaces. Whole Earth has an assortment of running shoes for all types of runners. You’ll find shoes for trail running, shoes for “barefoot” runners, as well as shoes with more substantial cushioning and support. Whole Earth also has socks, shorts and training pants.



When someone tells us to take a hike, it’s like music to our ears. Hiking on the Greenbelt here in Austin or in our state and national parks is one of our favorite ways to enjoy fresh air and sunshine and work our way back into some of our favorite clothes. And while you’re out on the trail, even though it’s winter, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Whole Earth has a selection of hydration packs to carry and water bottles to pack. Some of the bottles are insulated so you can bring your favorite hot beverage to sip while you’re taking in the view.


A shockingly large number of diets are begun and abandoned during the first week of January. Attempting to completely overhaul your relationship with food all at once is often just too difficult. An alternative might be to explore a new way of eating one or two days a week, and, if you like the taste and how you feel, add more days until your eating habits have been transformed.


Have you thought about trying a vegan diet? We have an excellent assortment of vegan cookbooks with tasty recipes from around the globe. Or perhaps you’re considering Paleo or Whole30 or starting your day off with a smoothie. We have an excellent collection of cookbooks to inspire and get you started back on the road to healthy eating.


If you live near a Whole Earth Provision Co. store, please stop by. Our in-store selection is even larger than what you find here online.



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