New Toys for the Holidays!

Posted by Whole Earth | 10.27.2021

A beautiful blue and white striped Bruder Mack Granite Cement Mixer



New Toys for the Holidays!


Toys are often at the top of kids' holiday wish lists. And parents, grandparents and other gift givers fervently hope that after the initial excitement of opening, the toy will be enjoyed in the following days and months, and, in some cases, perhaps even years to come. There's also an underlying wish that a gift might spur a child's imagination and possibly help them learn new concepts or skills. That's a lot riding on one gift, but then our children deserve the best.


For several generations of Texas' kids, Whole Earth has been a favorite destination. It's a place to discover new toys and games including small windup toys, a menagerie of animal and dinosaur figures, plush animals and puppets, toys for building and make-believe, games and puzzles, arts & crafts and science kits, outdoor toys and kites, and lots of story and activity books. Kids can always find something to spark their interest. Many of our former child customers now bring their own children to the stores to share in the fun of discovery (and for mom and dad to get ideas for holiday shopping).


Our intrepid toy buyer is always on the lookout for new toys to add to our collection. This year she's added two new brands that we're very excited to introduce to you: Djeco and Bruder!



Djeco Zig & Go Dring Set - 25 piece setDjeco (French for 'from gecko,' the lucky lizard) was founded in 1954 in Paris and specialized in award winning educational toys. In 1989, the next generation of the Michel-Dalès family took over and began searching the world for toys, games and artists to bring his vision for the company to life. His goal is to awaken children's sense of wonder and discovery and to enrich their imaginations. And it works! Djeco toys are beautiful and inspiring. Their close attention to detail includes step-by-step booklets and hints to guide children through activities. Their toys are tested multiple times for safety - pre-production, in production and post-production - to assure they meet the company's own exacting standards and those of the European Union (shown by the CE on the package). Only after a toy has passed all three tests is it shipped. 


Djeco Zig & Go Roll Set - 28 piece setOur Whole Earth Djeco collection includes lots of activity kits, puzzles, toys for young children and even a small indoor playhouse. Two of our favorites are the Djeco Zig & Go Dring Set - 25pc set and the Djeco Zig & Go Roll Set - 28pc set. With these sets your kids (or you!) can build action/reaction layouts where motion is transferred across the setup thanks to falling dominos, balls, ramps and paddles, ending with the ringing of a bell or a flag being raised. Kids can learn some basic physics and have fun!


Djeco Space Immersion Kaleidoscope KitAnother Djeco favorite is the Space Immersion Kaleidoscope Kit. Kids can build their own space themed kaleidoscopes. All necessary materials are included and an instruction booklet guides them through the process of putting the kaleidoscope together. There are beads and other small items to include in the object case which can be changed out to create a variety of magical images.




Bruder Toys

Bruder Toys is a German toy manufacturer based in Fürth. Founded by Paul Bruder in 1926, the family-owned company is considered one of Europe's leading manufacturers of 1:16 scale model toys. Think of it as German engineering meets toys. Bruder toy vehicles are detailed and include multiple features that inspire kids' imaginations at play. For example, their Mack Granite Dump Truck not only has an open-box that lifts and tilts, it also has lots of shiny "chrome" detailing including the bulldog hood ornament. These scale model vehicles are made for indoor or outdoor play and will be a welcome addition to any child's construction fleet.


Bruder MACK Granite Cement Mixer Bruder MACK Granite Cement Mixer is a beautiful example of the quality and detail to found in their toys. The mixing barrel spins using a small crank and depending on the direction of the spin, goods (rice, beans or sand) can either be loaded into or expelled outward from the barrel. Don't let this cement mixer's good looks deceive. Bruder toys are tough and made for play indoors, outdoors and in the sandbox.


Bruder CAT ExcavatorA newest member of the Bruder construction fleet for 2021 is the Bruder CAT Excavator. Watching excavators at work on building sites is a favorite pastime for kids. And the Bruder CAT with its treads, 360 degree rotating cab, and shovel arm, looks like and works like the real thing. Kids will find it useful addition for their own construction projects where excavation and loading are required. 



Green Toys

Green Toys Tugboat & Board Book Set

We have new items from Green Toys! Made for young children, they are manufactured in the U.S. with recycled milk jugs. They’ve used over 114 million so far. Green Toys are tough and ready to play outdoors or inside. And if they need a cleaning, pop them in your dishwasher. Perennial favorites at Whole Earth include their Submarine, Seaplane and Tractor.


Green Toys Rescue Boat and HelicopterGreen Toys makes some of the best-loved bath toys afloat. New for 2021 is the Green Toys Tugboat & Board Book Set in which they've combined a tugboat with a children's board book Brave Little Tugboat. Your child can reenact the story at bath time. Another fun water toy is the Green Toys Rescue Boat and Helicopter. They'll be ready to respond to any emergencies that arise for the bath time flotilla. A pilot for the helicopter and a captain for rescue boat are included.



Plan Toys

PlanToys Parking Garage

PlanToys are beautiful, safe, sustainably made in Thailand, and fun! From basic wooden blocks to a pull-along snail, a building crane set and much more, these toys are created to inspire and to last. Plan Toys use reclaimed rubberwood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex and would normally be burned. Instead, the rubberwood is slowly dried to make it tough and safe for use by children. All the company’s toys exceed international safety standards including those of the United States and the European Union. Designed with a modern sensibility, these toys use elegant shapes, bright (safe!) colors and an occasional touch of humor to engage children and parents alike.


PlanToys Tea SetAmong the new items from Plan Toys are a parking garage and a tea set! The Plan Toys Parking Garage mixes elements of art deco styling with modern touches like an electric charging station. The garage has three levels, two ramps, a helipad and an elevator - lots of possibilities for play. The Garage is available for in-store pickup only. The Plan Toys Tea Set includes a teapot, two tea cups and saucers, sugar and creamer and two tea bags. Your child can serve tea for two for the both of you, or for a favored doll or beloved plush animal.



These are just a few of the new toys you'll find at your favorite Whole Earth store or online. You'll find new science kits, games, puzzles, plush animals to love, and so much more. Need suggestions? We'll be glad to help. We love toys too!

















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