New from YETI Just in Time for Father's Day!

Posted by Whole Earth | 06.09.2020


Yeti Rambler Elements Collection


New from YETI Just in Time for Father’s Day!


Yeti RoadieOn more than one occasion we’ve wondered how those R&D wizards at YETI come up with their new products. Do they sit around a table and toss out ideas? Do they take copious notes while they’re out having fun? Or do they have their own version of a eureka moment? However they do it, YETI has given the world some very useful and tough gear that we find ourselves wondering how we ever got along without.


Yeti Seat Cushion on RoadieThe latest inspiration from the wizards is the YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler. This updated version of the Roadie is 10% lighter, holds 20% more, and has an increased cooling capacity. It’s tall enough to hold a wine bottle but slender enough to sit behind the front seat. Think picnics or easy access to cold drinks when you’re traveling. The Roadie 24 also has a new, more flexible handle, the HeftyHauler, for easy comfortable carrying. You may have already used one on the YETI LoadOut Bucket. Please note: the Roadie Cooler is available only for in-store or for curbside pickup.


Yeti Roadie BasketWant to make the Roadie even more useful? The YETI Roadie 24 Basket fits into the cooler and keeps items cold without touching ice. One basket covers half of the area at the top of the cooler. Use two baskets and create a dry layer across the top of the cooler. Another innovation to try is the YETI Roadie 24 Seat Cushion. We know from experience that YETI hard side coolers are strong enough to serve as seats without fear of collapse. This tough foam seat cushion fits snugly on the top of the cooler, making it ready at all times for you to comfortably take a load off. Roadie 24 accessories are sold separately.


Yeti Rambler Elements Collection

And there’s more! We’re excited to be offering the YETI Rambler Elements Collection. Meet your new favorite Ramblers now with a Brushed Graphite or a Copper finish. It’s the same YETI quality but with a new look. These are classy tumblers and water bottles. Perhaps you’re thinking, but what about fingerprints? You’ll be pleased to know that the wizards took that into consideration. All the members of the Elements Collection have a fingerprint-proof coating. And like all Ramblers, they’re dishwasher safe. 


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st. If you’re looking for gift ideas, we know he’ll love a YETI! You can choose from coolers, drinkware, LoadOut buckets, accessories and more. If he’s already sold on YETI and you’re looking for something new, consider the Roadie 24 or a Rambler tumbler or water bottle from the Elements Collection. He’ll be glad you did!




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