New from Hydroflask - The Unbound Soft Cooler

Posted by Whole Earth | 08.03.2018


New from Hydroflask — The Unbound Soft Cooler



Hydro Flask built their reputation on making quality stainless steel, insulated water bottles in beautiful rainbow colors. They stand out in a crowd. Now Hydro Flask is introducing something new – the Unbound Soft Cooler. Why unbound? This cooler was created with no preconceived ideas about how it might be used, so how you use it, is up to you.


The Unbound Soft Cooler features a hinged lid for easy access into a large compartment. Welded seams and a heavy-duty zipper prevent leaks. The interior is made of an easily cleaned, mildew-resistant, anti-microbial FDA food grade BPA-free liner. The exterior is made of a waterproof, tear, abrasion and puncture resistant material. There's a secure storage pocket for items that need to stay dry and a side pocket for your water bottle.


The designers of the Unbound Cooler experimented with foam insulation. By increasing the insulation at the bottom of the pack, they increased the cooler's stability and its ability to keep cool while resting on hot surfaces. The Unbound Cooler can keep whatever you chose to carry cold for up to 48 hours. The foam insulation also makes the cooler more comfortable to carry.


Hydro Flask makes two styles of the Unbound Cooler - a pack and a tote. The 22 liter Cooler Pack has a molded back panel, chest straps, lash mounts, a carrying handle and padded shoulder straps. The 24 liter Cooler Tote has a padded shoulder strap, carrying handles and lash mounts. The Pack is available in Black, Mist, Storm and Goldenrod. The Tote is available in Black, Mist and Goldenrod.


Whether you’re packing or toting, Hydro Flask’s Unbound Coolers make it easy to keep drinks, meals, snacks, groceries, and farmers’ market finds fresh, chilled and easy to carry to your destination. Think of the Unbound as a cooler with wanderlust.



We like this Hydro Flask Unbound Cooler video. It was filmed in and around Austin, and we love spotting some of our favorite hangouts. Are there any you recognize?





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