Nathan Peck - Whole Earth Ambassador 2019

Posted by Whole Earth | 06.11.2019

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Nathan Peck - Whole Earth Ambassador 2019


Between managing the downtown Austin Whole Earth store and life at home with my wife and two kids, free time with my family is cherished time. Each year my wife and I take spring break off to enjoy some short trips with the family. This year I started the week off with an eight-hour day on the water with my brother. We spent the time paddling and fishing along the Blanco River, starting at five-mile dam just outside of Kyle, and paddling upstream. Thanks to the Whole Earth Provision Co ambassador program, I had a new piece of gear that I’ve been excited to test out: the YETI Panga Backpack, a 100% waterproof backpack.


The Blanco River is a beauty, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than on a kayak. Its clear waters and Cypress rooted shores are a blast to explore. Throughout the eight-hour float much fun was had, including fishing, tipped kayaks (not mine), and some solid brother-to-brother talks. It was good to know that while all of the shenanigans were afoot, my camera and other valuables were safe and sound in the YETI Panga. Even though I wasn’t the one who tipped, had it happened to me, my valuables would have been secure and dry.


After arriving home that night and getting some much-needed sleep, my wife and I packed up the car and took the kids to Garner State Park. The Park, which rests along the Rio Frio, is a magical place that I hadn’t visited since I was a child. It was nice to see that when we arrived, my kids were as excited as I was. While spending our three-day stay hiking, swimming, and fishing, it was a pleasant surprise to find out how versatile the YETI Panga actually is. It served not only as a bomber waterproof bag, but also as a daypack. These excursions with my family always remind me how important it is to spend time outside rolling in the dirt and getting wet.


Upon leaving the park on the third day, my children, in typical kid fashion, were crying for television and home. That said, after the three hour drive back to Austin, it was good to hear both of them talk at length about how much they enjoyed the camping trip. And they were begging to go back. I assured them that they wouldn’t have to wait too long. Here’s to the next trip!






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