Manduka & Citizen Yoga Have a Gift for You!

Posted by Whole Earth | 12.27.2021

Yoga practitioner participating in an online Citizen Yoga class on a Manduka mat



Manduka & Citizen Yoga Have a Gift for You!



We all like gifts! And Manduka and Citizen Yoga have joined together to offer a gift with purchase that we think you'll appreciate. When you purchase a select Manduka yoga mat or towel, you'll receive a month of free virtual yoga with Citizen Yoga. Your purchase will come with a QR code that will take you to a special Citizen Yoga landing page to redeem your free month of virtual classes. This special offer runs through January 2022.



Kacee Must - Founder of Citizen YogaCitizen Yoga was founded in 2013 by Kacee Must who believes that yoga can be a tool for handling the stresses of life. Her goal is to empower individuals by teaching a safe, alignment-based practice that students of all levels can maintain throughout their lives. To that end, Citizen Yoga has a robust online presence offering classes on alignment-based yoga, yoga education and mental health tools, all found on Citizen-on-Demand.



Peter Sterios Founder of MandukaDesigned by yogis and trusted by teachers worldwide, Manduka offers quality yoga mats and towels to enhance your practice.  The company was founded in 1997 by Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi, who designed the yoga mat he couldn't find. His quest for a durable eco-friendly mat led to the creation of a series of mats beloved by practitioners of all skill levels.




Manduka Mats

A close up of a Manduka mat

The Pro series is Manduka's most popular mat with its ultra-dense cushioning for stability and joint protection. Made of a closed-cell material to seal out moisture and bacteria, it's easy to clean and disinfect. And it's made to last.


The eKO Mat series provides a naturally grippy surface made of non-Amazonian harvested rubber. This mat is eco-friendly, biodegradable and firmly supports both your practice and our planet.


For devotees of hot yoga, Manduka makes the GRP. Its leather-like surface offers excellent grip and filters moisture immediately from the surface toward the charcoal-infused rubber core providing a toweless experience.



Manduka Towels

Manduka yoga towels

Manduka also makes yoga towels. Yogitoes towels are customer favorites. They are absorbent, lightweight and quick drying. The bottom of the towel is sprinkled with silicone nubs that grip the mat and keep you firmly in place no matter how hot the yoga or sweaty the practice.


Manduka's eQUA towels are made with a soft, microfiber material that is absorbent, durable and quick drying and can be used on top of a mat help prevent slips. The eQUA towel is also ready for travel, the beach, the gym or as a workout towel.


Sustainability has been important to Manduka from the beginning. Sustainably sourced raw materials, the use of recycled materials, environmentally sensitive manufacturing processes and a repair and recycling program for old mats made by any company demonstrate their commitment to a greener world.


So, take your practice to the next level with a quality mat or towel from Manduka and take advantage of the QR code for a month of free online classes at Citizen of Demand. Practice on!



Practitioner starting an online Citizen Yoga class on a Manduka mat





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