Howler Brothers and Whole Earth

Posted by Whole Earth | 06.24.2021

Captain Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides of Central Texas and Howler Brother Ambassador rests on the edge of a boat sipping a cold drink.

Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides of Central Texas and Howler Brother Ambassador 


Howler Brothers and Whole Earth


Howler Brothers, like Whole Earth, is an Austin born business. Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian are the Brothers, not by birth but by a natural inclination for spending time on the water. Whole Earth is proud to have been among Howler Brothers' early supporters and has been offering their clothing in our stores for almost ten years. Both Whole Earth and Howler Brothers share a love of life outdoors and encourage people to get outside and enjoy the natural world, or as the Brothers put it, “Heed the Call.” 


Howler Brothers Men's Matagorda ShirtTheir clothing is made for life on the water: comfortable when the air is hot and humid, and quick to dry when wet. If you surf, fish, paddle, swim or just hang out, you’ll find shirts, pants, shorts, boardshorts and hats made with you in mind. Howler clothing is styled to make the transition from a boat to a backyard party with ease. Their clothing is also made in small batches, so it’s best to get it when you see it. You may not see it for long.


Come summer, Austin is a laid back kind of town. There’s a certain informality that’s just part of the culture. While we no longer hear society ladies pleading on local radio that their big upcoming event is formal and that means no shorts, folks here in Austin do know how to dress comfortably in hot weather.  And if you’re a guy, chances are good that you’ll have at least one, if not more, Howler Brothers shirts or shorts in your closet.


Howler Brothers Gaucho Snapshirt TarantulasHowler has updated two traditional shirts with cooling technical features: the Guayabera, worn for formal occasions in Mexico and the Caribbean, and the classic western shirt with pearl snap buttons. Their Guayabera and Gaucho Snapshirts feature mesh-lined, vented back yokes and are made of quick drying materials. Both are also embellished with Howler Brothers’ unique embroidered art. The Gaucho Snapshirt has featured creatures like lobsters, crabs and shrimp that might not normally receive such loving attention. The current offerings include "Two-Cans" Toucans, Tarantulas and Jellyfish.


And where does the Howler in their name come from? It points to the Howler Monkeys of Costa Rica where the Brothers go surfing and is, for them, a reminder of many, many good times they've spent on the water.


Whole Earth and Howler Brothers are Austin neighbors. It's a short walk up Castle Hill from our North Lamar store and over into the heart of Clarksville to visit Howler Brothers World Headquarters.  Whole Earth is proud to offer a robust selection of Howler Brother clothing for your shopping pleasure. We hope you’ll stop by one of our stores or visit us online to check out our Howler Brothers collection. And remember, Howler Brothers shirts are very popular. Get them while you can!


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