Gifts for Him

Posted by Whole Earth | 11.21.2018

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Gifts for Him


Men have a reputation as being difficult to shop for. Finding a special gift for him can sometimes be a real challenge. Of course, that’s not always the case. Some men have interests that make it easy for the giver to find a gift that’s sure to be appreciated. But what about gifts for those other men whose interests are less well defined, or you just don’t know them that well? Whole Earth Provision Co. has been helping folks find great gifts for almost 50 years. Here are a few of our strategies for zeroing in on a present they’ll enjoy.


Listening carefully can lead to impressive “wins” at holiday gift giving time. Our friends and family often express admiration or longing for particular items, sometimes with surprising specificity. The trick is actually hearing the wish and then writing it down as soon as possible. It’s dispiriting how often these perfect gift suggestions disappear into the ozone when not written down. So keep a list and keep it handy.


The next factor to consider is reciprocity. You don’t want to overwhelm or underwhelm with your gift. Have you exchanged gifts before? Use that experience as your guide to just how much of a gift you’re looking for. If this is a first time exchange with someone you don’t know well, choosing something fun or entertaining may be the right approach.


If this is a gift for someone you know well, pause and reflect on who they are, what they enjoy, and what would bring them pleasure. Be ready to spend some time on this. Think of them in their best light, and let that guide your gift. Please don’t base your gift on self improvement projects you believe they should undertake. Think about what would make them happy.


So with these principles in mind, let’s consider a few potential gift ideas for the men in your life.



Howler Brothers Crosscut Deluxe Long Sleeve Shirt - Rising SunHowler Brothers Crosscut Deluxe Long Sleeve Snapshirt

The Howler Brothers Crosscut Deluxe Long Sleeve Snapshirt was made for Saturday night, Sunday afternoon and for those times when relaxation is the order of the day but a dress code remains in force.  These Western style pearl snap button shirts are embellished with embroidery on the front and back yoke. This season’s embroidered offerings are the Hibiscus Flower or the Rising Sun.  Should your guy ‘Heed the Call,’ the back yoke is vented, the shirt offers UPF 20 Sun protection, and even has a sunglass cleaning microfiber patch at the hem.


Franklin Barbecue by Aaron Franklin and Jordan MackayFranklin Barbecue by Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay

Is there a Barbecue lover on your gift list? Franklin Barbecue here in Austin has been winning accolades from the beginning when they were located in a trailer by the interstate. In this book, Aaron Franklin shares years’ worth of hard-won knowledge that can inspire your own backyard pitmaster to new heights of barbecue achievement. This Meat Smoking Manifesto includes chapters on smokers, firewood, tending perfect fires, sourcing top-quality meat and pulling it altogether to make the best home-grown barbecue you’ve ever tasted.


UGG Men's Ascot SlippersUGG Men’s Ascot Slippers

Give the gift of warm feet! These UGG Men’s Ascot Slippers will keep his toes toasty on cold winter days and nights. The lining is natural wool woven into a durable backing which naturally wicks moisture and is heat regulating. The Ascot combines the look of loafers with the comfort of slippers. Best of all, these slippers can go outside. They’re made of water-resistant suede and have rubber soles that give extra stability at home or out and about.


YETI Rambler 14oz Mug RedYETI Rambler 14oz Mug

Do you have a guy who likes to sit on the porch and watch the day begin with a big cup of coffee? Keeping that coffee piping hot can be a real problem when the weather turns cold. Here’s the solution: the YETI Rambler Mug. It’s a double-wall vacuum-insulated mug that keeps coffee at just the right temperature. It also works for whatever else you might want to keep warm like oatmeal, soup or chili. The insulation protects hands from hot or cold contents, because come summer, you’ll be sipping iced coffee or perhaps something stronger!


Hamacas Rada Matrimonial Cotton/Nylon HammockHamacas Rada

The Hamacas Rada, also known as a Yucatan Hammock, is comfortable, beautiful and versatile. With it, you can give the gift of relaxation, one that is always welcome. The hammock can be used outside, on the porch, or even in the house and can double as a bed or a lounge chair. The open weave helps to keep you cool in the summer heat. When not in use, it can be easily stored. We have a handy brochure that gives you information on the history and making of the hammocks, as well as how to hang, clean, and even get in and out of them!



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