Gifts for Her

Posted by Whole Earth | 11.21.2018

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Gifts for Her


How many women are on your holiday shopping list? Mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, nieces and wonderful friends that feel like family?  When shopping for the women in your life, it’s rarely the case that one gift will suit everyone on your list. And at times, the issue isn’t coming up with a gift idea but rather narrowing down the options to one or two. However, if you’re looking for gift ideas for some of your favorite women, we here at Whole Earth Provision Co. would be glad to help. We’ve been assisting folks on the hunt for great gifts for almost 50 years. For starters, here are a few of our strategies to help you bring that just-right gift into focus.


Listening carefully can lead to impressive “wins” at holiday gift giving time. Our friends and family often express admiration or longing for particular items, often with surprising specificity. The trick is actually hearing the wish and then writing it down as soon as possible. It’s dispiriting how often these perfect gift suggestions disappear into the ozone when not written down. So keep a list and keep it handy all year long.


The next factor to consider is reciprocity. You don’t want to overwhelm or underwhelm with your gift. Have you exchanged gifts before? Use that experience as your guide to just how much of a gift you’re looking for. If this is a first time exchange with someone you don’t know well, choosing something fun or entertaining may be the right approach.


If this is a gift for someone you know well, pause and reflect on who they are, what they enjoy, and what would bring them pleasure. Be ready to spend some time on this. Think of them in their best light, and let that guide your gift. Please don’t base your gift on self improvement projects you believe they should undertake. Think about what would make them happy.


So let’s consider a few potential gift ideas for the women in your life. Here are a few items you’ll find in our stores and online.



Goal Zero Flip 10 RechargerGoal Zero Flip 10 Recharger

This first suggestion might seem a bit unusual, but trust us, this is a gift that will be appreciated. The Goal Zero Flip 10 Recharger is a small, pocket-sized charger for a phone or other small devices. It has enough power for a phone recharge. Slipped into a purse or backpack, they’ll be prepared should their phone plunge into the red zone and they’re hours away from home. Recharge it using a USB port: flip the connector or use the cable, which is included.


Carve Designs Women's Harlow RobeCarve Designs Women's Harlow Robe

Now a robe may seem like a fairly standard gift, but this robe has some qualities that make it worth taking a second look. First of all, it’s cut short. While long robes can be elegant, they can also be a bother. The Harlow Robe is short and sweet. It’s made of an extra soft waffle knit with, wait for it, roomy pockets! The fabric is a blend of sustainable organic cotton and tencel, with a touch of spandex. Whether your intended recipient’s an after work lounger or someone who wraps up for early morning coffee, the Harlow Robe will be a welcome addition to her wardrobe.


Totally Bamboo Texas Cutting and Serving BoardTotally Bamboo Texas Cutting & Serving Board

If you’ve ever spent much time in Texas, you’re aware that Texans are a proud bunch. The shape of state is everywhere: on signs, t-shirts, tortilla chips, cookies, even hot tubs. The Totally Bamboo Texas Cutting Board is just the latest in the line of products honoring our fair state.  The Bamboo is sustainable, premium grade, grown with no pesticides or fertilizers, and the board is manufactured using no artificial colors, all to preserve food safety. Have a proud Texan who loves to cook or entertain? This could be the perfect gift.


Fenix E15 Keychain FlashlightFenix E15 Keychain Flashlight

The Fenix E15 Keychain Flashlight is very small – less than three inches long and a bit over half an inch in diameter. But it can throw a lot of light where you need it: finding the keyhole or the item you dropped in the dark, discovering just what is in the back of the closet, or walking back to your campsite at night. It can be a handy addition to a keychain or stowed in a purse or pack. The battery is sold separately.


Smartwool Women's Morningside Crew SockSmartwool Women's Morningside Curated Crew Socks

At Whole Earth, we pride ourselves on our fabulous sock collection. We’ve got socks made for all sorts of activities and for all ages. At holiday season, the sock companies pull out all the stops when it comes to beauty, and the Smartwool Women’s Morningside Crew Sock is definitely one of the most beautiful of this year’s offerings. Inspired by a mountain sunrise, this gorgeous pair of socks is not only beautiful but will embrace your recipient’s feet in Smartwool comfort.



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