Get Your Kids Moving!

Posted by Whole Earth | 03.11.2021

Young girl flips on a b4 Adventure Slackers Ninjaline



Get Your Kids Moving!


As warmer weather returns more and more kids are playing outside. Time to add a few new outdoor toys for backyard fun!  Get your kids moving with toys to fling, catch, run, jump, balance and swing! Here are several that have been tested and approved by our Whole Earth kids!


b4 Adventure Slackers Ninjaline 36ft Intro Kit

b4 Adventure Slackers Ninjaline 36ft Intro KitHere’s a way to get the kids outdoors and give them a physical challenge they can work towards mastering. The b4 Adventure Slackers Ninjaline presents a series of obstacles for kids to overcome crossing from one side of the line to the other. Once you’ve found trees of the appropriate size and distance, it’s easy to install and to take down so the Ninja show can go on the road to friends’ backyards or campsites. And there are add-ons to expand the number of challenges and fun!



b4 Adventure Slackers Ninjaline Rickety Bridge

b4 Adventure Slackers Ninjaline Rickety Bridge

You’ve seen it in adventure films: intrepid explorers crossing a deep chasm on a rope bridge with a roiling river rushing below. With the b4 Adventure Slackers Ninjaline Rickety Bridge, kids can imaginatively live out that scenario while mastering the art of actually using a minimalist rope bridge. This is an add-on for a Ninjaline that helps build balance, focus and strength. Add another bridge or two and increase the difficulty level and adventure quotient without the danger of turbulent water below.



Skate swing - b4 Adventure Skate Swing

Skate swing - b4 Adventure Skate SwingHere’s another Ninjaline add on. You can add it to the strap or hang it separately. The Skate Swing does more than go back and forth. Kids can use the wooden handholds to swing from side to side and even in circles, so some extra room may be in order. The wooden skateboard-like base has a non-slip foam top, and the wooden handholds are adjustable. The kit comes with reinforcement straps for the Ninjaline and an adjustable rope and two carabiners for hanging from a tree or other open play structures.





Toysmith Bashminton SetToysmith Bashminton Set

Do the kids prefer some free-form fun?  The Toysmith Bashminton Set can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels. The set comes with two bouncy oversized rackets and a springy birdy, It’s excellent for developing hand-eye coordination, but the kids won’t notice because they’re having such a good time. A favorite for families and friends, this backyard toy travels well. Take it to the beach, camping or to backyard parties. You’ll be glad you did!



Aerobie Skylighter Disc

Aerobie Skylighter DiscAre the kids, large and small, sad when the sun sets and it’s time to go inside? With the Aerobie Skylighter Disc the game continues despite the encroaching dark. This Aerobie disc is large with a low profile for long stable flights. There’s a small LED light in the center with two beams that illuminate the rim. In flight, the Skylighter looks like a rotating wheel of light as it’s thrown from person to person. Lightweight with a soft rim making it easy to catch, kids can play anytime, day or night.





South Beach Bubbles WOWmazing Concentrate Kit


South Beach Bubbles WOWmazing Concentrate KitBlowing bubbles is magical for all ages. We love blowing and then watching the floating, colorful, though alas, short-lived orbs drifting on the breeze. But have your kids ever made giant bubbles? The South Beach Bubbles WOWmazing Concentrate Kit shows them how and includes the wand, the big bubble liquid concentrate, and a booklet of tricks and tips. One pouch of bubble concentrate added to a quart of water yields hundreds of giant bubbles. Refills of bubble concentrate are also available.


So help your kids burn off that excess energy and have fun! Get them moving with outdoor toys from Whole Earth!




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