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Posted by Whole Earth | 02.27.2018


Can you feel it in the air? It’ll be here before you know it. Your kids are counting the days until it arrives. Yep, Spring Break is just around the corner. It’s your chance to pause for a breather just before that final push toward the end of the school year. Perhaps you’re planning to head off to the mountains or the coast or you’re making lists of fun activities closer to home. However you’re planning to spend the holiday, Whole Earth Provision Co. can help you get ready for a fun Spring Break.


Are you heading to the mountains and cold weather? We have insulated jackets, knit hats and winter sport socks for fun in the snow. A Triclimate jacket from The North Face is a particularly useful piece of kids’ clothing. It’s a 3-in-1 jacket that pairs a waterproof shell with a fleece jacket that doubles as a lining for cold and wet weather. The waterproof shell and the fleece jacket can also be worn separately, hence 3 jackets in 1. Using the same materials as The North Face jackets for adults, they’re made to last and can he handed down to younger siblings. And they’re on sale!


Does Spring Break mark your first beach trip of the year? The warmth of the sun, the sparkling waves and a gentle sea breeze are just the remedy to shake off the cold weather blues. It’s time for t-shirts, baggies and sandals! If the kids’ have outgrown their summer clothes and shoes, get a jump on summer and stock up now. Whole Earth has a great selection of kids’ sandals that are water-ready as well as shoes made for outdoor fun in the woods, on the trail and at the playground. Our kids’ t-shirt collection is colorful and on-message celebrating life outdoors. We also have lightweight jackets for rainy days or cool evenings, some with reflective finishes for added visibility in low light.


And don’t forget the gear your kids might need. We have kid-sized duffels, backpacks, sleeping bags, water bottles galore, and CamelBak packs. High on your kids’ list of important gear are toys and games! Whole Earth has an exciting selection of outdoor games to get kids moving. The Spring Ring is one of our favorites. The springy disks are used like racquets to bounce a small ball or a splash ball to others for an unpredictable, freeform game of volleys and returns. It’s great for improving eye-hand coordination and fun for the whole family. For quiet time, consider jigsaw puzzles, board games and classics like jacks.


If you’re dreading the travel portion of spring break, here are a few tips from a Whole Earth mom who has abundant experience traveling with babies, toddlers and small children.


My Favorite Tips for Traveling with Young Children


For Flying:


• If you have a toddler, buy five to ten small items or toys and wrap them in layers of tissue or paper of some sort (finished finger paint pieces can work well for this). The kiddos love to open things, and you can keep them busy for quite awhile. 


• Take your car seat on the plane so you can keep them contained. Plus bonus points if your kid is a car sleeper, being in their same seat will make it all the more likely that they will sleep on the plane.


• Gate check your stroller. Even if your kid won’t ride in the stroller, it makes a great luggage cart so you can manage the little in the airport crowds.


• Take small snacks (cheddar bunnies, raisins, etc) and hand them out one at a time on take off and landing. This will help keep them swallowing and their ears clear.


• Take a water bottle and fill it up once you’re past security. There is nothing like the wrath of a thirsty two year old. 



For Driving:


• If you are going on a long car trip (10-14 hours), and you have the stomach for it, try leaving in the wee hours of the morning. This helps your kiddos sleep for the first few hours of the drive and also you’ll arrive at your destination early enough for some playtime and a normal dinner and bedtime. Don’t ever drive if you are not alert or too tired.


• Take trays of some sort to use for art and imaginative play.


• Take more pillows then you think you need. You can use them to create a barrier between seats if everyone needs some alone time!


Kid on Playground• Plan on stopping for 30-45 minutes for ever four hours of the trip. You can pack snacks or meals or find a restaurant with a play space.


• Look up playgrounds in the cities you will be driving through and plan stops so your kids can play!!


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