Get Away in an RV or Camper!

Posted by Whole Earth | 07.10.2020

Two kids in a pop up camper.



Get Away in an RV or Camper!


One way to go traveling this summer is to take our home with us. If we’re lucky enough to have access to an RV or a camper, it can be our ticket out of town.  We can get on the road and head to some of our favorite outdoor destinations or perhaps somewhere new. We’ll still have to take some precautions, but we’ll be sleeping in our own beds and if there’s a bathroom in our camper, we’re set.


First step – a plan. We need to know where we’re going. Some of our favorite places may not be open or, since some campgrounds are practicing physical distancing with camp sites, there may be fewer spots available than in the past. Time to get online, see what the possibilities are, and then make reservations!


Next – what to take? There are a couple of new items on our list of supplies: masks and hand sanitizer. And we’ll be bringing more cleaning supplies as well.  We want everyone to have multiple masks and extra filters if the masks use them, and several bottles of hand sanitizer would be a good idea. We keep them tucked away in places where they’ll be instantly ready for use should the need arise. And we’ll be using wipes when we find ourselves sharing surfaces at public bathrooms and bathhouses. We wipe it down, use it, and wipe it down again for anyone who comes after us. 


What else do we need? We like to take a cooler or two, quick dry towels, headlamps, water bottles for everyone, a first aid kit, games for the kids and playing cards for adults, and assorted shoes for hiking, adventures in water, and camp shoes, aka flips.


Patagonia Black Hole DuffelTo help keep things organized and to keep the peace, each of us should have a duffel for our clothing and personal items so they’re corralled in one place and not scattered around the camper or RV. Duffels can also be useful for transporting gear for climbing, water sports or other activities. Duffels come in a variety of sizes and degrees of toughness and waterproofing so it’s easy to find the right one for each purpose.


Kelty Cache BoxSmaller items can be collected in carriers like a Kelty Cache Box. It’s a handy, padded, zippered box with a handle and interior space that can be organized however we like. We pride ourselves on preparing great food when we’re camping. Our secret is in the Cache Box: herbs, spices and flavorings that can give a flavor boost to any meal. Other uses include a traveling medicine cabinet, a home for batteries and cables for electronic devices, and safe transport for cameras and lens.


ENO Doublenest HammockOnce we arrive at our destination and camp is set, it’s time to put our feet up for some well-deserved rest, preferably in a hammock. Camping hammocks pack small and are easy to set up. They also fit easily into a backpack and are great for taking breaks on the trail. If we’re ready to take a load off or find a view that requires some deep appreciation, we hang our hammocks and enjoy a break and the view. 


Exofficio Bugsaway Lumen HoodyAnnoying biting insects may want to get up close and personal, but we can keep them at bay with BugsAway clothing from ExOfficio. The material is infused with odorless permethrin that repels mosquitos, ticks, ants and flies and can be washed up to 70 times without losing effectiveness. BugsAway items include shirts, pants, light jackets, bandanas and hats. And as an added bonus, some BugsAway clothing offers superior sun protection.


Women's Pistil Cove Sun HatSpeaking of sun protection, we’ll be bringing along a full kit on our trip. Sunglasses, sunscreen, sun protection clothing and sun hats are a must for the whole family. As Texans we’re well aware of the power of the sun, and we’re diligent in protecting our eyes and skin from the sun’s powerful rays. If we’re spending time on the water, at the beach or any place where we’ll be in bright full sun, we’ll be using all the protection we can muster. 


Here’s hoping you’ll get the chance to head out for some much needed R&R in the days ahead. May we all have a chance to hit reset and then return home refreshed and ready for whatever comes next in this crazy year.




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