Fun Activities From the Web (don't worry - no spaghetti needed)

Posted by Whole Earth | 03.14.2020

Kids playing with Spaghetti


With so many things on your mind lately, it may not be as easy as usual to think of activities for the kids and family. Here are a few suggestions we’ve found on the web that may be helpful.


Transform a fence

Have a boring fence that could use a facelift? Blanco Vista Elementary School PE in San Marcos, Texas, has an idea that they shared on Facebook. Start by taping your design on the fence. Have the kids color it in with chalk. Then carefully remove the tape, and voilà, a masterpiece is revealed!


Drawings prompts that inspire

No fences to transform? Children’s book illustrator Carson Ellis (@carsonellis) has a fun daily prompt for kids of all ages called the Quarantine Art Club.  In Assignment 3 she tells kids how to make their own prompts for some wild and crazy inspiration. She posts some of her favorites that are sent to her Instagram account.


Learning in the home laboratory

Have a junior scientist at home? Mommy Poppins has 50 easy science experiments to choose from using household materials. Not every home will have all these materials, but most will have a good number. 


Science Rules!

For a great combination of science and entertainment, Bill Nye the Science Guy is hard to beat. Here’s a collection of full episodes on YouTube. 


We’re going on a scavenger hunt!

Scavenger hunts are a favorite with kids. Buggy and Buddy have more than 30 free printable scavenger hunts for all ages and times of the year. Print out a list and see what you can find in the yard, the neighborhood or on the trail. 


National Geographic just released this article, "How to deal with your kid 'colleagues' during coronavirus shutdowns" and it has some great advice for making your new routine.  




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