Floating on the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers

Posted by Whole Earth | 08.30.2019

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Floating on the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers


Let me preface this by saying I am a Texas State alum and floating in New Braunfels was my minor (actually it was business administration, but you know what I mean).  Back in the day, the normal float prep included a case of beer, a decent cooler, plenty of ice, and a koozie!  Now with the “can-ban,” floaters are only allowed to float with non-disposable containers. 


This seems daunting at first, but honestly, it has the potential to eliminate the dreaded hauling of the cooler!  You’ll still need to get a “cooler tube”, as they say, which has a bottom to it as well as a rope to tie to another tube.  But now instead of filling that tube with a heavy cooler, you can fill it with all your miscellaneous insulated bottles and water tight containers! 


In retrospect, it would have been a good call to bring some sort of water resistant basket to set into the tube, and then place all the bottles in it.  A light weight, pliable option would be best. Or perhaps the Yeti bucket would be a good candidate.  With the glory of insulated bottles, a cooler is really not necessary unless you’re wanting to pack cold snacks – just remember: nothing disposable. 


After all the talk about Nite Ize’s new RunOff product, and after personally building ads and being exposed to it for a couple days, I still FORGOT to go purchase one of these items prior to the float.  I would have loved to have it.  Instead, I opted to pay for a locker at the tube rental spot (for $10) so I didn’t have to take important things on the water.  I really wish I would have remembered those RunOff products! 


Personal prep is still much the same…sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen!  It’s always nice to have polarized sunglasses and maybe some Croakies to keep them afloat during the inevitable free swim.  A waterproof container for your keys/money/special care items is a must.  It’s an initial investment, but it pays for itself that first time you accidently drop your electronics into a body of water. 


Solid footwear is always a must.  If you’re like me and hate putting your feet on the bottom of any body of water, get yourself some water sandals.  It all comes down to personal preference, but I’ve always preferred my Chacos for such an occasion! 


Chafing – it’s a real thing.  Body Glide will be your best friend on days like these.  Just remember to apply early, and don’t leave that stick in the car!  It will for sure melt.  


Last but not least, get yourself a swimsuit that will last more than one season.  I spend a lot of time swimming and romping through water during the summer months, and I tend to see pilling on suits sooner than not.  Invest in a good swim suit!  Much like good denim, a good swimsuit will enhance your experience.  This summer, I’m so thankful for my Patagonia Bottom Turn Swim Top, which allows for minimal tan lines and maximum support when you’re active in water. 


The underlying ‘must have’ in ALL of this is WATER!  As a Whole Earthling, and avid outdoorswoman, I carry my water bottle with me everywhere.  The river warrants an extra bottle.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember to drink when you’re floating on water all day long, but you’ll be glad you did!







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