Five Fall Travel Hints

Posted by Whole Earth | 10.08.2019

Fall Travel Tips


Are you ready to escape our apparently endless summer? We are. The mountains are calling with fall color and cooler temperatures. And closer to home, there are festivals and sporting events galore. No matter your destination or reason for getting away, here are a few tips for traveling this fall.


Marmot two piece jacketWe all want to travel light and keep our baggage to a minimum, but how to do it when you’re facing the possibility of hot summery days and cool autumn nights all in the same day? The answer is layers! Coordinate your traveling wardrobe with mix and match pieces that multiply the number of possibilities for keeping cool or warm. A tank or short sleeve tee matched with shorts, pants or a skirt, plus a long sleeve shirt or tee, a pullover or a travel vest, and light jacket should see you through the temperature roller coaster that we experience this time of year.


Another way to reduce the amount of luggage you carry is to wear clothing made specifically for travel. Made from lightweight, wash-in-the-sink, quick-to-dry materials, you can pack less and still wear clean clothing every day. And these wrinkle free, packable styles include thoughtful features like a variety of pockets that make them a favorite whether you’re on the road or heading to work.


Eagle Creek Pack-It SetLightweight travel clothing can reduce the bulk of what you need to carry on your trip. Want to keep your bag organized so you can find things easily? Try packing cubes and packets. They come is assorted sizes and shapes, and there are many ways to use them. Pack all of one kind of item in a cube, like underwear, socks or toiletries.  Or you can organize with one outfit per packet. Waterproof cubes and packets are great for carrying damp or dirty clothing.


What do you do when you’re traveling in a group and it’s time to recharge your electronic devices,  and there’s only one usable outlet in a room? Rather than drawing straws or having an impromptu rock, paper, scissors tournament to see who gets to charge first, consider this: a Charge Hub. It’s an USB charging station that allows several devices to recharge at the same time. You can find the Charge Hub in our stores


Outdoor Tech Calamari CordIf you aren't able to make it into a store, two other portable power accessories that can bring ease to any adventure are the Outdoor Tech Calamari cord and a Goal Zero Portable charger. The Calamari is a 3-in-1 Apple certified adapter cord containing a lightning, USB C, and Micro USB. The Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger is designed to give two full phone chargers before needing to be recharged via USB. With these two accessories in your bag you won't ever miss that perfect sunset picture or Facetime moment with your kids.   


Yeti Rambler Water BottleAnd last but not least, please remember to bring your reusable water bottle! You’ll save money by refilling at hydration stations that can now be found in many airports and destinations, like national and state parks. And, you can feel virtuous by reducing your carbon footprint. Our oceans are awash in plastic. Let’s do our part to stem the tide of plastic.




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