Finding a Great Gift for Mom

Posted by Whole Earth | 05.02.2021

A Whole Earth family celebrates Mother's Day on the water!



Finding a Great Gift for Mom



How do we find a special Mother’s Day gift for the woman who has given us so much? If you’re looking for ideas, Whole Earth would be glad to help. We’ve been assisting folks on the hunt for great gifts for 50 years. For starters, here are a few of our strategies to help you bring that just-right gift into focus. 


Strategies for Finding Great Gifts

Listening carefully can lead to impressive “wins” at gift giving time. Our friends and family often express admiration or longing for particular items, sometimes with surprising specificity. The trick is actually hearing the wish and then writing it down as soon as possible. It’s dispiriting how often these perfect gift suggestions disappear into the ozone when not written down. So keep a list and keep it handy all year long.


If you haven’t gotten wind of something Mom would like, the next step is to consider what she enjoys and would bring her pleasure. Be ready to spend some time on this. After all, Mom has spent plenty of time thinking about you. When she has time, energy and funds, what does she like to do? Does she have hobbies? Is she a home chef supreme or a gardener with a yard and vegetables that are the envy of the neighborhood? Is there something new she’d like to learn? Try to take in a larger view; she’s not just your mom but someone who has a life of her own. You might be surprised at what you discover.


Once you have a possible lead, think about what gifts might spark joy from the very first moment she sets eyes upon them. Are they available? Are they in your price range? Are there alternatives? If you’d like some help in finding that special gift, stop by our Whole Earth stores for a consultation with our knowledgeable staff. We’ll be glad to help!


So let’s consider a few potential gift ideas for Mom. Here are items you’ll find in our stores and online that we think she might be happy to receive.


Pistil Women's Elba Sun Hat

Pistil Women's Elba Sun HatHere in Texas, sun hats are a must. It’s not unusual to find them sitting by the door or in the backseat of the car, near at hand for a spur of the moment walk or excursion.  The Pistil Elba Sun Hat is a beauty. Woven of seagrass, it has a lacy, intricate weave that can add style points to any outfit. The curvy four inch brim frames the face and provides shade while the airy weave will keep Mom’s head cool on a hot sunny day.




Ornamental Things Golden Dragonfly NecklaceOrnamental Things Golden Dragonfly Necklace

Does Mom have a thing about Dragonflies? If not, once she learns that they’re a symbol of prosperity, harmony and good luck, she’ll be on board. The Ornamental Things Golden Dragonfly Necklace is a part of their Inspired by Nature series. This Dragonfly’s wings are decorated with floral elements that give an added visual richness to its already elegant shape. It’s a wish for good things and good luck that Mom can wear throughout the year and think of you!



FLAX Women's Sunrise Dress

FLAX Women's Sunrise DressGive Mom her new favorite go-to dress for summer. The FLAX Women’s Sunrise Dress can be worn for everyday or dressed up for special occasions. This midi dress is made of quality lightweight linen woven with three color threads that give the fabric an added richness and depth. Linen is a cool breezy fabric to wear on hot summer days, and the dress also has pockets, which Mom will appreciate. And if you’d like to add a jacket for cooler days or time spent in frigid air conditioning consider the FLAX Women's Artful Blouse to make your gift an ensemble!




YETI Rambler 12oz Bottle with HotShot Cap

YETI Rambler 12oz Bottle with HotShot CapIf coffee or tea is Mom’s constant companion during the day, you might consider gifting her the YETI Rambler Bottle with a HotShot Cap. This 12oz bottle can help her through the morning or a long afternoon keeping her beverage piping hot. The HotShot Cap is leakproof so she can carry with her on the morning commute and on excursions, anywhere she’ll want her daily dose of caffeine close at hand. Give the lid a half twist until it clicks and then drink from any side. And the lid can be easily taken apart for cleaning. 



Goal Zero Flip 24 Power Bank

Goal Zero Flip 24 Power BankDuring February’s winter storm, weren’t you glad you had a Goal Zero Flip 24 Power Bank? It kept your phone alive and you in the loop for news updates when the world went dark around you. Share the love with Mom! Get her a Flip 24 for recharging when traveling. She’ll be prepared when the low power warning comes on and there’s not an outlet in sight, or when the cable gets left at home. And she’ll be ready for times, like last winter, when the power went out for hours or even days. It’s a pocket-size battery backup that can be easily stowed in a bag or in a drawer for emergencies. 


These are just a few ideas for your Mother’s Day gift. Need more? Visit us in our stores and ask the staff for suggestions if you’d like some help, or browse our online store. We have many, many gifts that will delight Mom. We've gathered a fun selection in our Mother's Day Collection





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